About Us

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About Our Company:

Founded in Los Angeles, California, Boredwalk is an artist owned and operated brand offering a fun and diverse selection of gifts and apparel for men, women, non-binary folks, and kids. Our apparel, towels, and bags are designed and hand printed in our Los Angeles area headquarters using eco-friendly water-based inks.

Our books are written, illustrated, and designed by the same artists behind our apparel and towel designs here in Los Angeles, and are printed & bound in North America (mostly Canada, but occasionally in the US).

Our Delve Deck conversation card sets are — you guessed it — written & designed by the same artists yet again! They are manufactured in Asia using the strictest quality control standards.

About Our Values:

We design and sell high-quality affordable products featuring on-trend, original designs

We're committed to delivering outstanding customer service

We strive to minimize our environmental impact with our production and shipping practices

We delight in creating good jobs in our community with living wages and good benefits, including health care benefits, retirement benefits, paid holidays, and ample paid time off.
We support social justice organizations that reflect our values — over the years our small business has donated thousands of dollars to organizations such as ACLU, She Should Run, Planned Parenthood, 314 Action and City of Promise.

    What You Can Expect From Us:

    We care about your experience. This means if you sign up for our email newsletter and/or SMS list, we're going to try our very best not to inundate you with a billion hard-sell emails and text messages. We try to only send the kind of emails & SMS messages we would want to receive and read ourselves, which means they'll be loaded with jokes, memes, and info about our latest product releases and promotions.

    • We care about quality. Look, we know we're not the cheapest game in cyber-town; sorry. We can't compete with the Amazons, Temus, and other cut-rate websites of the world on price. This is the reality of being a small business creating rad jobs in the US.

    And we do mean SMALL. As of this writing, there are only 10 full-time people behind Boredwalk, including co-founders Matt Snow & Meredith Erin.

    But this also means that we take product quality very seriously. We're not perfect, but we do strive for perfection every day.

    We have a rigorous quality control process, but sometimes the occasional dud will slip through. If your unlucky number came up and we inadvertently shipped you an unsatisfactory or defective item, let us know as soon as you receive it. We want to make it right. 

    We're going to be communicative. This means that if/when you purchase from Boredwalk, you'll immediately receive an order confirmation email containing important information about your order. Make sure the shipping address is correct and notify us of any changes you need us to make immediately — we can't stop packages and re-route them once they leave our building.

    Be sure to check your spam filter and weird subfolders in case you don't see these emails in your primary inbox, though!

    You'll also receive a shipment notification email once your order is packed up and ready for USPS to pick up — usually within 3-5 business days of when the order is placed, barring natural disaster or (checks notes) global pandemic. 

    That email will contain a tracking link. Monitor your package's progress, and if it says it's been delivered but you didn't actually receive it, please let us know immediately. Missing packages are like missing persons — they're a lot easier to find within the first 48 hours of their disappearance.

    About Our Team:

    We think it's more fun to buy stuff from actual people than faceless corporations, so say hello to the humans behind Boredwalk!


    Meredith Erin, Boredwalk co-founder and CEOMeredith Erin is Boredwalk's CEO and co-founder. She's also the creative engine who dreams up all of Boredwalk's products and writes all of our hilarious tweets (we refuse to call them anything but tweets. Cry about it, Elon). She also writes some of our emails when Matt is too busy with other tasks, and many of the comedy sketches you see on Boredwalk's Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. She also interfaces (ew, gross, how corporate!) with some of our manufacturers.

    She's kind of a dynamo, but when she isn't working on Boredwalk or thinking about working on Boredwalk, she can usually be found watching horror movies, fostering cats, listening to music, helping Matt in the kitchen, and wishing he was not such an avid baseball fan.


    Matt Snow, Boredwalk CCO and co-founder

    Matt Snow is Boredwalk's Chief Creative Officer and other co-founder, which means he is responsible for about 99% of the final art & design related to the products available on our website.

    When he is not busy writing very witty and entertaining emails for our newsletter subscribers, he can usually be found at his desk at Boredwalk HQ working on new designs for our products, or slogging through boring but necessary administrative tasks. He also interfaces (ugh, that word again!) with the manufacturers of our books and games.

    Matt's free time is spent listening to music, fostering cats, watching horror movies, cooking plant-based feasts for himself and Meredith, and rooting for the Baltimore Orioles. 

    Tess Menzies, Boredwalk lead content creator

    Tess Menzies is a former horse girl turned cat lady. Despite being very tall, she never played any sports. (She did have a gig standing outside used car lots flailing her arms around though, maybe you’ve seen her?) She is also Boredwalk's lead content creator, writes some of the scripts for our videos, appears in almost all of them, and often co-hosts the Boredwalk Podcast. (Yeah, we have a podcast!)

    When she isn't working on Boredwalk stuff, you can find Tess performing live standup, sketch, and improv comedy around LA, as well as in our hilarious videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and whichever fresh hellscape of a social media platform Silicon Valley trots out next. 

    Not shown, because they are shy:

    Marlene | Operations Manager

    Marlene oversees Boredwalk's production, customer service, and shipping departments. They often help out in all three areas, but also provide invaluable support to Meredith & Matt with the various administrative tasks that frequently prevent them from working on "the fun parts" of the business.

    Rhesa | Wholesale Account Manager

    Rhesa is our liaison with retailers who carry Boredwalk in their stores. If you're a retail buyer and want to stock our rad products in your fine establishment, Rhesa is the person to talk to about making that happen. Drop her a line!

    Adam | Production Specialist

    Adam prints stuff. He loves metal, drumming, snuggling cats, and playing XBox.

    Isabella & Christina | Customer Service & Shipping

    Isabella & Christina are Boredwalk's dynamic duo. They do the final quality check on our items before packing them up and shipping them out, but they also respond to your emails in case there's an issue with your order, and also send text messages proactively in the event of a potential shipping or delivery delay of certain items.

    See? Told you we were small! But we revel in putting on airs and attempting to compete with the big dogs out there.

    We hope you'll find something in our collection that makes you laugh or smile. And should you decide to purchase our products, get ready to hear a lot of "Hey! That's so cool! Where'd you get that?!"