Struggling with screen time addiction?

Between an endless supply of streaming content, video games, and just keeping up with current events in our news feeds, the amount of time kids and adults are spending staring at their device screens increases every year.

Reclaim your time with The Screentime Detox Kit, full of fun analog activities!

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"The activity books, the Delve Deck...I've used all three and love them!"

- Elizabeth W.



Take a trip down memory lane with this activity book for 90s kids. Whatever! offers a fun look back at the music, movies, TV shows, fads, and events of the 1990s that will be sure to have you and your friends reminiscing about the last — and coolest — decade of the 20th century.


Sure, our chaotic present is pointing toward a dystopian future, but why not make the most of the (almost) end-times with Adventures In The Abyss, a darkly humorous activity book designed to keep you entertained the next time the grid fails and you're trapped inside without WiFi access!


From getting to know new acquaintances to bonding with your closest friends & family members, the Delve Deck is designed to get people out of conversational ruts.

This thoughtfully designed deck has 200 cards organized into 4 levels of intensity, ranging from light to dark. You can keep it light or go deep and delve into heavier questions.


"Very fun and creative. Styled and written like children's activity books, but made for adults. They're amazing and everyone I've shared them with has loved them!"

- Kina L.


(The Internet will still be there, we promise.)

10,000+ Happy Customers

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"So much fun, took these on vacation with friends. They take up almost no space, and are great around a campfire and the beach. (Did both.) Questions & activities are interesting enough to keep everyone engaged but not intense to the point someone could be offended — good balance. 10/10, no notes."

- Jacquelyn S.


  • "My teens love this! Our family has had a ton of fun at dinner time with the Delve Deck. I have three teenagers and getting them to talk is not always easy. These cards offer such a fun way of getting conversations going. We all love it!"

    Amy V.

  • "This is the best activity book for any 90s kid. Been having a blast solving the puzzles by the pool and beach this summer with my boyfriend. Also brings back so many memories! Please make another one!!!"

    Christine C.

  • "So many great conversation starters! My new girlfriend and I really enjoy responding to these cards. We had already made numerous connections, and these cards expand those connections to insane levels!"

    Scott P.

  • "Great fun for road trips! We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed these books! I'm looking forward to other editions."

    Karen H.

  • "Love it! I've been a fan of adult coloring books in general for a while, but these are far superior! Lots of cool stuff to color and other activities. Get it, you need it!"

    Debbi B.

  • "Giftee got a big laugh out of the books and looks forward to more laughs as she reads them through."

    Chuck H.

  • "These activity books are the perfect accompaniment or lifeline for any time-suck meeting you can’t get out of. Politely turn off your camera since this meeting is conflicting with a meal but you’re still putting your best team player face on by throwing emojis in the chat as you revel in nostalgic 90s themed crossword puzzles or grab your color pencils for soul soothing coloring!"

    Carla V.

  • "I love these books and cards! They're the only things that actually pry me away from screen time. Thank you, Boredwalk!"

    Amy R.

  • "This deck of cards sits on our table. We don’t ever point to it, or even say anything about it. But EVERY time we have guests, someone eventually pulls a card out and the conversations flow. I’ve learned so many new things about people I’ve known forever. The Delve Deck is worth its weight in gold."

    Sherri A.

  • "The Delve Deck is a great tool for this 71 year old widower to get to know love, again! My new love and I use just a few cards at a time to get to know each other better, and to start new conversations that we may not have otherwise."

    Daniel S.



of refreshing your feed only to have the same tired content served to you in slightly new ways?


of sore, twitchy eyes from staring at a phone, TV, or computer screen for hours and hours every day?


for fun new ways to stay engaged with friends during group hangs and entertain yourself on solo nights in?


1. Whatever! An Activity Book For 90s Kids

Dozens of puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and other activities all about the most awesome decade of all, the 1990s!

• 96 thick, sturdy pages that stand up to markers, pens, pencils

• A variety of fun activities suitable for solo or group participation

2. Adventures In The Abyss: A Dystopian Activity Book for the Modern Age

Dozens of puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and other activities all about the frustrations and disappointments of 21st century living

• 96 thick, sturdy pages that stand up to markers, pens, pencils

• A variety of fun activities suitable for solo or group participation

3. The Delve Deck

Contains 200 cards divided into four color-coded sets:

• Lightest cards for less intense inquiries (dip your toe in)

• Medium-light cards to dig a little deeper (up to your knees)

• Medium-dark cards to wade into more philosophical topics (waist-high)

• Darkest cards to really plumb the depths and form deeper connections (neck-deep)

• Gorgeous, thoughtfully designed packaging that looks great as a decor item for your coffee table or bookshelf when not in use.

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Our job as professional designers and humorists requires us to be terminally online, forever scrolling to stay informed about current events, design trends, and the cultural conversation at large.

While staying up to date with the zeitgeist has its benefits, we also are constantly complaining about how addicted we've become to our smart phones, even struggling to put them down when we aren't actively working and are supposed to be more present with the people we care about most.

If you've ever found yourself simultaneously watching a movie, scrolling your news feed, and having a conversation with a friend or family member — and doing a mediocre job of all three — you're in good company. We're right there with you!

So in an effort to reduce our own screen time we've worked hard these last few years to design and develop products that help us and others spend our free time — both alone and when spending time with friends & family — in a more healthy & rewarding way.

That's where The Screen Time Detox Kit comes in. We wanted an assortment of fun diversions full of puzzles, games, and conversation starters that could be enjoyed solo or with friends, and, above all, they had to be entertaining enough to keep us away from our various screens. No pressure!

The Screen Time Detox Kit is a fantastically fun little care package designed to help you — and your friends & family — kick the habit of mindlessly scrolling, streaming, and ignoring the people you care about most.

We hope that you find the activities in these books and the questions on these cards as funny and enlightening as we did while we were creating them, and that they help you and the people you love rediscover the joy of being at least slightly less online. Have fun!

- Meredith & Matt, creators of
The Screen Time Detox Kit