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Remember life before smart phone addiction?

90s kids remember doing analog things — reading zines, making mix CDs, going to Lollapalooza. Take a trip back to the 90s and give your tired eyeballs a break from the glare of screens with our 1990s adult activity book.

5 reasons you need this activity book

#1 A healthy dose of nostalgia that is sure to make you laugh

Reminisce about your youth. Whether you were in middle school, high school, or even college during the 90s, this fun trip down memory lane is sure to put a smile on your face.

Alissa R.

Fun nostalgia! Enjoyed going through this…nice break from the current world.

Too much screen time is bad for your eyes and your mental health

Staring at a screen all the time can lead to eye strain and even adversely impact your mood. If your brain craves stimulation but you need to get the heck off social media, our adult activity books are the perfect alternative.

Daniel C.

That was a refreshing escape from the screen and serves as a gentle but nostalgic reminder to prioritize my well-being.

Coloring and doing puzzles is good for your brain

Activity books can help improve cognitive function, memory, and problem-solving skills in adults. Activities like crossword puzzles and word searches can help stimulate the brain, keeping it active and healthy. This can help reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Plus, according to the Mayo Clinic coloring can even reduce stress.

Daniel V.

WHATEVER! 😄 HAHA Cool book! I'm still working on it! Loads of fun.

An assortment of activities you can do solo or share with friends

Challenge your friends with crossword puzzle questions or have 'em give you adjectives and verbs to complete a fill in the blank chain email that may nor may not have been written by Screech Powers.

If you're flying solo you'll love this book's collection of coloring pages, mazes, creative writing prompts, and word searches.

Lisa. N

This fun book was my go-to source of entertainment for the last 2 weeks.

High quality, made with heavyweight paper, and featuring a fun selection of activities

Many adult activity books are monotonous, only offering a handful of activity types. Our adult activity books offer a wide selection of ways to keep your brain engaged. You'll be sure to find the perfect activity to suit your mood, whether you're up for testing your memory with 90s trivia, solving a logic puzzle, or just coloring like you did when you were a kid.

Louis. M

truly exceeded my expectations. I bought other 2 for my collogues.

Kick it old school with this ‘90s activity book

What's included

✔️Crossword puzzles
✔️Coloring pages
✔️Logic puzzles
✔️Brain teasers
✔️Creative writing prompts
✔️Rebus puzzles
✔️96 pages of 1990s nostalgia
✔️High quality 100lb paper that holds up to fountain pens, gel pens, and more!