Every year our small business spends tens of thousands of dollars to protect our art from people who steal it. The US Copyright and Trademark system is set up to the advantage of people who steal creative work, which means independent creators like us are at a huge disadvantage. If you want to help us fight back, contribute to this little F*ck Around And Find Out Fund and help us dole out some vengeance for stealing.

What's in it for me?

So glad you asked!

In exchange for contributing to our F*ck Around And Find Out Fund, you get very exclusive access to all the behind the scenes drama!

Boredwalk co-founders Meredith and Matt (the creatives who design the products for the company) will be releasing private videos for all our vengeance customers, and we will be spilling all the tea. The only way to get access to these videos is to buy some vengeance, so if you've ever wondered what insane things art thieves say to us or want to hear about the inner workings of our legal efforts to get paid for our work, you'll get a front row seat for all of it. Sure, network television might be serving up reality dating shows and singing contests, but are any of them serving up vengeance? I don't think so!

If this idea proves to be successful we'll come up with more perks for our supporters as we go. This may include private live events, exclusive discounts, limited edition products, and more!

Why is this necessary?

People who steal art from independent creators count on creators not having the money to fight back, and the less creators fight back the more emboldened the crooks become.

We have registered copyrights on all of our original art, and send takedown notices to online facilitators of intellectual property infringement when we see people trying to sell unauthorized copies of our work. Unfortunately our system allows the people stealing our work to send a "counter notice" which enables them to continue to illegally profit from our work unless we file a lawsuit against them. They count on us not having money to do this so they can keep profiting from our labor without compensating us. They do it to us and thousands of other artists around the world.

If you like what we do and you want to help us keep doing it, please consider buying some vengeance. Every dollar our audience spends on vengeance helps cover our legal fees so we have more budget to defend our work, and even pursue damages against people who have illegally profited from our labor without compensating us.

Helping us fund our efforts to fight back against people who steal our work not only helps us get paid for our labor, but it also discourages people who do this from doing it to other artists. People who steal art assume no artist would ever come after them. If even one artist does it, that means others might and it creates a lot more disincentive to steal creative work.




Hiya! I'm back with another request lol! Can you make this for me?


Is this a subscription? Are you gonna keep charging me?

Nope! It's a one time purchase and you can buy as little or as much as you want. If even 5% of our customers sent us a dollar we'd have enough budget to get at least one legal fight going. If we win at one legal fight, any proceeds will help fund future fights against people who do this.

How much vengeance can I buy?

You can buy 1 vengeance for a mere dollar, but you can change the quantity above and buy 2 or 3 or 5 or however many you'd like. We appreciate any and all help with this, but even $1 is appreciated!

What kind of damages can you pursue with more budget?

The damages we can collect vary on a case by case basis, but since we have registered copyrights we can sue infringers for legal fees and statutory damages of up to $150,000. In some instances, we can also pursue damages for trademark infringement. This applies when people use our brand name to profit from out work.

So you're gonna make a lot of money on this, why do you need my help?

Actually we probably won't make much (if any) money on this. While courts can award damages up to $150,000 they rarely go that high. Even if we were awarded 1/3rd of that, actually collecting on a judgment is a whole other difficult process. The cost of collecting can be almost as high as the amount.

We aren't doing any of this with the goal of making money. The goal is to dole out consequences for people who steal from artists. This is about justice. Our primary source of income is selling our art to people who appreciate what we do. We are coming for the art crooks because they impede our ability to do that.

What is even the big deal about people stealing your art?

It creates a variety of issues for us:

1. The obvious: they make money off of our labor without compensating us. You'd be mad if you worked at your job all day and someone swiped your paycheck off your desk and you got nothing. That's what's happening to us.

Some of our designs take a significant number of hours (or even days) to create. All of our designs are the product of decades of practice as designers. People helping themselves to that work to make money and leave us with nothing isn't right.

2. The people who steal our work typically put out a very inferior product. They are using web images to make prints, and those low resolution images create low quality blurry jagged images.

Often people who make counterfeit Boredwalk shirts use cheap production methods, such as iron on transfers. These production methods create a print that peels or cracks after a few washes. We don't want consumers to think they found a deal on our work somewhere else, unknowingly buy a counterfeit, and then think the poor product quality has something to do with us.

3. Sometimes when people buy counterfeit Boredwalk from sketchy websites they don't even realize they bought a counterfeit. We often get calls and emails from people who have never ordered from us complaining about the poor quality product they got or complaining that their order never shipped. Once we start talking to them we realize they ordered from another website illegally selling our art and that's why they had such a bad experience.

Isn't there an easier/cheaper way for you to solve this problem?

I wish there was; let us know if you find one! The more popular Boredwalk gets the more we become a target for people who want to steal from us. We have been threatened with hacking, violence, and all manner of retaliation for trying to stop people from illegally profiting from our work. We recently had someone try to take down our website because we reported them for infringing on our copyrights.

If we don't defend our exclusive right to profit from our work, the counterfeit Boredwalk merchandise will proliferate so quickly and so drastically that it will become nearly impossible for us to make a living on our work. We can't compete on price with people making cheap low quality counterfeits of our work. We don't want to sell a cheap low quality product ourselves.

We wish we had a better solution, but we have yet to come up with one.