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WTF is a Boredwalk Ambassador?

A Boredwalk Ambassador is someone who loves Boredwalk (like, really, REALLY loves Boredwalk), would love the opportunity to blab about Boredwalk to anyone that will listen, and maybe make a little (or a lot of) side cash and/or earn free Boredwalk merch in exchange for spreading the word and helping us sell more stuff to likeminded sourpusses.

Yeah yeah yeah, but what's in it for ME?

Well, every Ambassador can receive free Boredwalk swag, will get a personal discount code for shopping themselves and for promoting Boredwalk around the web, and can earn a commission from sales they send our way. Plus there's the inherent sense of smug self-satisfaction you'll feel when you help the hapless fashion victims that follow you online upgrade their wardrobes.

Ooh...I LOVE being judgmental in a quasi-helpful way! How does it work?


💻 Step 1: Apply to become a Boredwalk Ambassador. Upon approval, you'll be able to create your personal Ambassador code. This is how we'll be able to track orders resulting from your, uh...ambassador-ing...efforts to make sure you're getting the credit (and cash) you deserve!

🗣 Step 2: Spread the word with friends, family, and/or followers! Once you're accepted into the Boredwalk Ambassador program we'll give you a discount code for 10% off Boredwalk purchases* that you can also share with other swell humans like yourself.

💰 Step 3: Profit! You'll earn a commission from sales & get money straight to your bank account, plus e-gift cards you can use toward Boredwalk merch!

*No, the discount code does not apply to Boredwalk e-gift cards. No one does that. That's not a thing.

So what are you waiting for? Start Ambassador-ing!

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