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My favorite shirt! I had to buy a second one because I ruined the first one with bleach, and then j was very sad. Now I’m happy again!

So far very fun and cute activities

These notebooks are the perfect size, I love em

Awesome t-shirts, as always!

Love it. Have already worn it multiple times.

Always spot on! Bought this as a gift for the kitty lover in my life.

Hilarious. Ty for existing.

These are hilarious 10/10

Great gift for my wife

So much fun!

I got this as a gift for a friend going through chemo. She loves it and planned to take it to her treatment appointments so she'd be distracted and make things a little more fun.

Super comfortable, fits great. Print quality is excellent!

Compliments galore!

A lot of people share the sentiments, it seems. I love the shirt and its generous fit! Great purchase!

As a substitute teacher, I’ve used these in grades K-12 to fill those primary grade “in-between” moments or to get to know the high schoolers better. More expensive than I’d like, but a good use of my money!

Love it

Received the shirt, within two weeks and I was notified when it was sent out. The shirt is so nice and soft so happy with it. Nice nice nice nice. Love it!

Great conversation starters with my adult sons.

This shirt is so excellent. Daughter put it on right away. Fit is perfect and she is ready to go to work and let them know her current state of mind.

I love this shirt so much

Perfect quality, perfect fit, love the message.


Perfect fit, perfect quality, perfect everything!

All my hopes and dreams came true

This book was the perfect match for my husband and actually made him excited to journal, which he seriously needs to do. It matched his beliefs, personality, and gives the perfect outlet for his bitching...I mean grievances. Thank you times a million for such an amazing product.


Perfect fit, perfect quality, perfect everything

Fun for friends, parents, kids, co-workers, siblings, grandparents

I got this deck for a friends game night and it was a hit! My teenage kids came out of the woodwork to join and I brought it to work to share with my coworkers.
I didn't realize at first that the questions get more intense the "deeper" you go. Makes sense! Very clever and well done.

Awesome for journal prompts

I know these are designed as conversation starters, but they're also amazing journal prompts. I got the main deck, the venting expansion, and the joy expansion and love them. Whether I want some deep conversations with my besties or some quality time with my own thoughts, I highly recommend these!

A Little Joy

The Delve Deck—Joy Edition is well written and attractively packaged.
I'm using the prompts long distance with a friend who is experiencing grief. We are both enjoying it.

I am in love with this!!!