Delve Deck Beach Ball - Deep Dive Edition

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This beach ball with questions is an inflatable conversation starter. Perfect for outdoor fun in the summer or year round. Take it to the pool, hot tub, lake, beach, park, or cook out and toss it around with friends and family.

The Deep Dive Edition has a collection of deeper and more intimate questions, perfect for best friends, partners or anyone you're ready to be closer to. With 100 questions to choose from, you'll banish awkward silences at your next gathering.

Why you need it:

  • Conversation starters for the outdoors, even the pool a perfect addition to your conversation card collection, finally a water-proof option!

  • Perfect for taking on trips whether you're going to a resort, vacation rental or cruise, if you're headed somewhere with a pool or hot tub this beach ball is the perfect toy to bring along, it deflates to neatly fit in a suitcase, just bring a pump to re-inflate when you arrive!

  • Exercise-friendly, even for people who hate exercise! Sweating it out on a treadmill can be so boring, but take this ball and your bestie to the park and toss it around. You'll get some physical activity and time will fly by as you chat!

  • Keeps conversations going with 100 questions to choose from perfect for getting out of conversational ruts and encouraging fun new conversations!

  • Questions that have been road tested with thousands of people to ensure that each question in this deck will lead to real conversation instead of one word answers

The inspiration behind the Delve Deck Beach Balls:

As Southern Californians we spend a lot of time in the water. Whether we're chilling in the pool or a hot tub, we often find ourselves in bodies of water and wishing we could bring our Delve Deck Conversation Cards along for the fun. Unfortunately the cards aren't waterproof so we put on our thinking caps and devised this solution to make conversation starters water-friendly. We decided to print questions on beach balls since they're water-friendly, portable, and just plain fun to throw around.

Inspiration behind the Delve Deck series:

We started asking conversation starting questions on our social media accounts several years ago and they became some of our most popular posts. We loved seeing total strangers who follow Boredwalk have fun spirited conversations and find connection, even with people they'd never met. We'd occasionally find ourselves asking friends questions from our posts and it always led to great conversations.

We chose to organize some of our most popular questions into card decks because we wanted to create something that would help us and our customers have great conversations with our favorite people AND stop staring at our phone screens. We selected questions for our decks that had the most comments, which means they're questions that are very likely to result in great conversations for you and your favorite people.

We organized our questions into levels of intimacy because when we tried other conversation decks on the market we found the questions were all over the place. Sometimes we're with people we're close with and are okay with talking about feelings, childhood, and other more personal topics. Sometimes we just want to have fun and talk about something light. We designed our Delve Decks to help you modulate the kind of conversation you want to have.

Product Features:

  • 100 questions printed on a 16 inch beach ball
  • Stylish packaging makes this a fun gift for friends and family
  • Compact and lightweight packaging makes it ideal for taking on the go or on vacation, just bring an air pump
  • Different ways to play to suit your mood — ball comes with 5 suggested ways to play
  • Air pump recommended for inflation (not included)


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