Vent to your heart's content with the Grievance Journal™!

Whether it's terrible drivers, annoying co-workers, heinous in-laws, or humanity at large causing you grief, don't stuff it down — express your rage on the pages within and move on with your interminably long life here in the hellscape we've all come to know and loathe!

20,000+ Happy Customers

Enjoyed by 20,000+ customers


"On the surface this journal looks funny, but in a world where we are drowning in toxic positivity and making people feel less than when everything isn’t perfect, this journal was a great outlet to teach my daughter that things will never be perfect and it’s ok to acknowledge what sucks and have a place to let it all out in a safe way."

- Sabrina C.

Purge negativity the healthy way


This anger management journal is a safe place for venting about life's annoyances. Writing about your sources of aggravation can help you identify problematic patterns in your life and think about ways you can make changes.

Don't believe us? The Grievance Journal has actually been lauded by many mental health professionals — therapists, counselors, pychologists, and psychiatrists, among others — as a healthy outlet for life's daily frustrations. True story!


Lots of people who attempt to pick up the habit of consistent journaling don't stick with it — or don't even start — because when they open one their mind goes as blank as the page in front of them.

The Grievance Journal is loaded with 52 writing prompts covering a variety of relatable topics to help get your cranky creative juices flowing and help focus your negative energy in a productive way. Feel free to let loose about whatever is bothering you, though! They're prompts, not requirements!


In between writing prompts you'll find 52 darkly funny quotes to help quell the rage within, as well as blank un-lined pages to vent your frustration artistically via doodles, sticker collages, and other forms of creative self-expression.

Featuring 214 hard-bound pages of high quality 60# paper stock that will hold up to markers, fountain pens, pencils, gel pens, and more, the Grievance Journal can take almost anything you throw at it. Except fire. But hey, that just makes it a great burn book!


Think about what you typically spend $28 on to feel less angry at the world around you. Booze? Junk food? Some stupid app game where you smash candy together? Pssh.

These are all pretty fleeting experiences, whereas the Grievance Journal can provide WEEKS of enjoyment — 52, in fact — as a healthy way to discharge all the anger, frustration, and resentment that builds up and slowly poisons your body & mind.


"I love this book because it helps me express my thoughts without lashing out at anyone. Very cathartic."

Emily P.


20,000+ Happy Customers

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"I purchased a bunch of these to give to my clients. I am a Productivity Coach and I feel that gratitude journals and routines journals have been done. So far, I have given two of these as gifts and my clients LOVED them. They were so grateful and appreciated the uniqueness."

Nicole D.

What customers are saying

  • "We are mental health therapists and found this great for validation, blowing off steam, and a healthy way to manage frustration in our post capitalist world of feral doom. Thank you so much!"

    Leslie D..

  • "Not sure what else I can say but this journal is sturdy, features quality paper, and filled with delightfully HILARIOUS dark sarcasm. Customer service is top notch! Could not have asked for anything better. Very pleased with my purchase!"

    Lyndsey R.

  • "This is my first time ordering a product from an ad on IG so I was pleasantly surprised by the fast shipping and the quality of this journal! The prompts are quite fun as well. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase."

    Elizabeth A.

  • "I bought this fabulous journal for a friend, but of course gave it a good once over. So creative, so on-point, so amazingly hilarious! Loved it and am going to order one for other friends…maybe me, too. Boredwalk is the best!"

    Gina W.

  • "The perfect gift for anyone needing to vent their everyday furies and grievances with the human race. This journal is everything it is promising, and more. 5 stars for quality, content, and uniqueness. Misery demands company, so I bought several for my friends."

    Patricia H.

  • "Best journal ever. New take on CBT therapy, instead of trying to turn everything into a positive this journal allows you to vent the negative. Sometimes that's exactly what you need."

    Chelsea P.

  • "I love this journal so much. My fiancé got it for me as an outlet for my anger and it’s so great. This journal helped me realize that I’m not the “broken” one for not being positive all the time. Life sucks and it’s okay to be angry and sad."

    Deirdre B.

  • "My whole life all I have ever heard was "HAPPY UP!" or "You gotta think more positive!" Well, that doesn't work for everyone. Sunshine is NOT in my veins. I need the dark humor of this guided journal. I actually feel better already!!"

    Jessica V.

  • "False positivity makes me cringe and turns my stomach. I opened this journal and felt seen! The quotes are dark, fun, and relatable. I love the ideas and prompts that get you thinking, your blood boiling, and gives absolute permission to be anything but positive."

    Carrie H.

  • "A place to put down all of the BS and worth every penny. What I thought would just be humorous initially turned out to be way more therapeutic than I realized. Buy it, you won’t regret it!"

    Elizabeth S.

  • "This was a gift for my daughter who has anxiety disorder. Writing her feelings during an episode helps. This book has suggestions to help guide her writing. She loves it!"

    Kimber M.



of perfectly-coiffed "life coaches" with glowing skin and zero problems telling you to manifest a better life by just "choosing" happiness?


of know-it-all influencers parroting pop psychology memes about practicing gratitude 100% of the time, despite the world being a 🗑️🔥?


that you just can't seem to stick with journaling and other self-care practices, no matter how hard you try to stay consistent with your mental health journey?


about the state of the world, your place in it, and whether anyone else on this miserable mud ball feels the same way you do about...well, everything?


Luxurious (and durable) hardcover binding

• 214 thick, high-quality pages suitable for writing & doodling with a variety of implements, from colored pencils to fountain pens

• 52 writing prompts to help focus your venting

• 52 humorous de-motivational quotes to help improve your mood as you purge the negativity from your mind

• A mix of both lined and blank pages for multiple forms of creative self-expression

• The knowledge that you're not alone in recognizing that yes, sometimes the world is a difficult, frustrating, annoying, and downright infuriating place to exist in

So many grievances,

so little time!


I came up with the idea for this journal after my own failed attempts at gratitude journals.

I have struggled with anxiety and depression my entire life and have tried all the classic self-care interventions. Every time I tried to write in a gratitude journal I would think about how I appreciate my husband and my cat, but still generally felt annoyed with the exercise and would give up after a few days.

No matter how hard I tried to make it work, I just never found gratitude journaling helpful. What I wanted was to VENT. I noticed I always felt better after writing down what was bothering me. I thought to myself “I can't be the only person like this” and looked around for a journal suitable for venting. When I realized I couldn't find a journal that was geared to what I wanted I decided to create the Grievance Journal.

I wasn't sure if other people would relate, but our first batch of copies sold out in a few weeks and ever since its release we've heard from customers all over the world that the Grievance Journal is just what they needed.

If you're like me and have a tendency to spin out about things in your head when you're upset or stressed give the Grievance Journal a try! It's been a helpful mental health tool for me and so many of our customers have reported feeling the same way about it. It's nice to feel less alone with the sources of our stress and aggravation, even if it's just the page in front of you that's “listening” to you vent. I hope it's as helpful to you as it has been for me.

- Meredith, Boredwalk co-founder and Grievance Journal creator