Meet the Creative Team – Boredwalk

Meet the Creative Team

Meredith Erin
CEO | Co-Founder | Chief of Product | Creative Director | Writer


Meredith writes all of our Tweets, writes some of our comedy sketches for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, comes up with our product ideas, and often writes our company newsletter (yes we have a newsletter, and yes it's funny, no more questions)!

When she's not at work she's probably at home thinking about work; either that or eating popcorn and talking shit with her cat.

Matt Snow
Co-Founder | Chief Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Writer


Matt checks all of Meredith's Tweets for typos, creates all of our product designs (with Meredith's creative direction), does boring stuff like run payroll and run our ads, composes our SMS messages, and writes our company newsletter whenever Meredith doesn't.

When he's not at work he's probably cleaning up after his messy geriatric cat, boring Meredith with obscure baseball anecdotes, and searching for the perfect monster movie.

Madeleine Chalk
Lead Content Creator | Writer


Madeleine is a Scorpio enneagram 7 with half an opera degree and an avocado allergy. She spends her free time wishing she had more free time. You can find her in many of our videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She also writes some of our scripts for both short and long form videos.

Josh Patton
Content Creator | Writer


Josh spends most of his free time at home by himself. It's simply a matter of preference. (Not his, though. Everyone else's.) He writes some of the scripts for our videos and you can find him in our videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Grace Macura
Content Creator | Writer


Grace spends most of her time contemplating her existence on this so-called Earth. She is really proud of her recent Masters degree in existential dread as well as being fluent in seven different forms of sarcasm. (Overachieving comes naturally to her.) She writes some of the scripts for our videos, and you can find her in our videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.