Possessed dolls? Careful what you wish for!

Okay okay, we're fresh out of possessed dolls, but maybe we can interest you in some other products that may or may not be haunted?

Reasons to scroll down and have a look:

✏️ We're an artist-owned brand (but if we don't sell any art we have to get new jobs, boo!). Support the arts and treat yourself to something fun, it's a win-win!

😆 If you liked our silly little video you might like our products (added bonus: your friends are gonna be super jealous when they see your cool new Boredwalk treats, let 'em seethe with envy).

🙏 I made a bet with my cat that strangers on the internet who liked my possessed doll video might also like some of the products I've designed. Please don't make me lose a bet with my cat, his gloating when he wins is unbearable!