June 01, 2022

A childhood dream realized 🤩


The concept of pen pals feels like a bit of an antiquated idea, but when I was a kid I always wanted one. I had heard about this idea of trading letters with a stranger, writing them stories adorned with stickers and doodles, and getting something similar back in the mail.

All of this was pre-internet and the mail was the only place for an exchange like this. Probably due to the lack of internet, I never figured out how to actually make this happen, so I just sat twiddling my thumbs enviously while hearing about other people's accounts of relationships with far-flung letter-writing buddies.

While my younger self never made it happen, maybe that version of me would be delighted to know I now run a company and have tens of thousands of strangers who read the "letters" I send them every week, and sometimes they even write back! Thanks to modern technology, you don't even have to suffer my barely-legible handwriting. While I can't send you stickers via email, you will get some pretty sweet free stickers when you place orders via our website.

It's also National Say Something Nice Day, so I will say this: thanks for reading the emails we send every week. We appreciate you supporting what we do here at Boredwalk, in whatever form that takes.

puppy in a mailbox gif

If no one wants to send me letters I will also accept puppies.


Want a few June 1st famous birthdays and historical facts before we get to some amusing links to brighten your day? Let's do it!

Born on this day: actress/singer/model Marylin Monroe (1926), model/TV host Heidi Klum (1973), actor/director Morgan Freeman (1937), comedian/actress Amy Schumer (1981), singer-songwriter/actress Alanis Morissette (1974), and comedian/actress/TV personality Nikki Glaser (1984).

On this day in 1938 Superman appeared for the first time in D.C. Comics’ Action Comics #1, which sold for 10 cents.

On this day in 1980 CNN launched in Atlanta, becoming the first 24-hour news television station.

On this day in 1974 the Heimlich maneuver for rescuing choking victims is published in the journal Emergency Medicine.

Now on to some amusing links!

1. What doesn't kill you makes you...

The Boredwalk creator team shares their thoughts on adversity and coping. If you're not following our creator team on YouTube, Tiktok, and/or Instagram yet you are missing out on some premium hilarity. Follow! Tell a friend! Don't miss out on your daily dose of Vitamin LOL!

2. The foxiest Instagram account

This fox rescue has the cutest pics and videos of rescue foxes and other critters. Foxes make a giggling sound when they are having a good time; watch them do that and just try not to smile along with them. You can't do it. The cute is just too much and almost guaranteed to boost your mood.

3. The Buzzfeed News Union has some interesting worker protections

I have a feeling there's a backstory as to why ghosts are a workplace hazard at Buzzfeed, and now I need to know more.

4. Ducks, they're just like us!

I don't speak duck, but I can only assume this conversation went something like "snow on the ground?! Eff this weather, smell ya later, outdoors!"

5. How to say no

Okay, this one is more practical than purely amusing, but if you struggle with saying "no" to things you'll want to check out these helpful email templates.

OK! Hopefully these little diversions helped to brighten your day! We'll be back here in your inbox on Friday with more entertainment and Boredwalk news and a secret limited edition weekend drop you will NOT want to miss! Until then...

Peace, love, and pen pals,