March 18, 2024

Well, this is awkward 😬

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I fully approve of this silly holiday because awkward moments are almost always hilarious in hindsight and I am happy to squeeze any drop of amusement I can from the trauma-verse.

An awkward moment that sticks out for me took place ages ago at a party I attended with my at-the-time boyfriend. He and I had been chatting with a few people when I stepped away to get a drink. When I returned I came up behind my boyfriend and affectionately grabbed his butt, only to realize it was not his butt.

My boyfriend had been talking to a guy with the same haircut/hair color who was around the same height and build and wearing a very similar outfit that looked the same from behind. They'd switched where they were standing while I was off getting a drink, so random guy was now where my boyfriend was a few minutes ago.

Random guy either didn't notice the butt grab or pretended not to, but this did not prevent me from profusely over-apologizing to him. You know how when you get a little pimple no one will notice but you mess with it and now it's red and puffy and everyone will notice? Yeah, that's me with an awkward moment. I will find a way to make it weirder.

Alright, that's mine. Send me yours, because I love an awkward moment story, and I will share some favorites next Monday. (I can of course share anonymously for anyone who wants to keep a low awkwardness profile).

Don't be weird tweet

The struggle is real


Let's take note of some significant historical happenings and birthdays from March 18ths of yore:

 Caligula became the third Emperor of Rome on this day in the year 37; his name has since become synonymous with hedonism

• Russian cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov became the first person to walk in space on this day in 1965 (this was also the day that Poppin' Fresh Pillsbury Dough Boy was introduced)

• On this day in 1984 Vanessa Williams resigned as Miss America (on her damn birthday) when old nude photos of her appeared in Penthouse Magazine. The same issue is notable because it was the first time the magazine featured a man on the cover (George Burns) and the centerfold featured an underage Traci Lords. The issue is now illegal to own or look at in most countries.

Birthday cake all around for: US President Grover Cleveland (1837), author John Updike (1927), singer Wilson Pickett (1941), model/actress/singer Vanessa Williams (1963), rapper/actress Queen Latifah (1970), comedian Dane Cook (1972), and actress Lily Collins (1989)


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Peace, love, and awkward moments,