March 11, 2024

😵‍💫 Discombobulated? Out of sorts? Yeah...

Malaise For Days shirt


Happy Sensible Time Day! This is not an official holiday that is observed by anyone besides other people who agree with me that Standard Time is infinitely superior to Daylight Saving Time. That said, I still feel sympathy for all the DST stans out there. May your day be full of as much caffeine as you require!

Now that we've got the positive stuff out of the way, we now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday, wherein you may observe:

• National Immune System Day

• National COVID-19 Day

• National Funeral Director & Mortician Recognition Day

All of those seem related to some degree... and guaranteed to prompt a persistent feeling of malaise.

Not all of today's random occasions are a bummer, though! We also have:

• National Napping Day

• National Dream Day

• National Oatmeal & Nut Waffles Day

• National Johnny Appleseed Day

My advice? Skip the first three and focus on the latter four. Take a nap and dream a little dream that when you awake some kind hero will have made you some oatmeal & nut waffles topped with warm apple compote. Nothing helps a body spring forward like a belly full of carbs!


Dwight Schrute it's true GIF

I know it's true, Dwight. That's why I said it!

GIF via The Office / NBC


Let's take note of some significant historical happenings and birthdays from March 11ths of yore:

• In 2020 the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 virus epidemic a pandemic. BOOOOO!!!

• Birthday oatmeal nut waffles all around for: Actor Mark Metcalf of Animal House and Twisted Sister music video fame (1946), singer-songwriter & producer Bobby McFerrin of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" fame (1950), English author & playwright Douglas Adams of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame (1952), German singer-songwriter and punk icon Nina Hagen (1955), Canadian actor Elias Koteas of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Some Kind of Wonderful fame (1961), singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb of "Stay" fame (1968), actor & producer Terrence Howard of Iron Man, Hustle & Flow, and Empire fame (1969), actor Johnny Knoxville of Jackass fame (1971), singer-songwriters Benji & Joel Madden of the band Good Charlotte (1979), actress & filmmaker Thora Birch of American Beauty and Ghost World fame (1982), and Russian-American actor Anton Yelchin of Star Trek, Fright Night, and Odd Thomas fame (1989; RIP!)


OK, that's it for today! No new customer Q&A due to lack of volunteers, so if you're feeling even moderately outgoing and would like to be featured in an upcoming Monday email (and are a customer with some Boredwalk tees, tanks, hoodies, towels, bags, books, or Delve Decks to show off), just reply to this and let us know and we'll send you some fun questions!

We'll be back here in your inbox on Wednesday with some more random holidays to observe, historical tidbits to acknowledge, and fun links to entertaining content! Until next time...

Peace, love, and bonus daylight,