March 08, 2024

In like a lion? 🦁

Liquid Courage Wizard of Oz shirt


Happy Peanut Cluster Day! Unless, of course, you are allergic. If you are and are something of a grammarian, consider instead celebrating National Proofreading Day instead. If you are allergic to both peanuts and well-constructed sentences, it is also National Retro Video Game Day. So many options!

Meanwhile, I am waiting for the lions March promises to come eat me and put an end to my problems before the lambs arrive with their soft, downy false hope. Pass the bottle, Tin Man!

Chandler Bing that makes me feel so warm in my hollow tin chest GIF

Chandler gets it.

GIF via Friends / NBC


If you're in the market for some Boredwalk goodies — like that cute, soft Wizard of Oz-inspired Liquid Courage tee up top — be sure to use code SAVE15 at checkout for 15% off orders of $95+, not to mention free U.S. shipping on orders of $75+ — no code needed!

(We also wanted to mention that our vendor who prints our books sent us a bunch of copies of our 1990s Adult Activity books with the wrong paper type. They are still usable, but the paper works best with pens and color pencils (not as well with markers and crayons). Anyway, we are selling them at cost to get them out of our warehouse to avoid throwing them in a landfill. Grab one if you want one.)


While you're waiting for your new Boredwalk gear to arrive you can also treat your earholes to the latest episode of the Boredwalk Podcast!

Meredith & Tess discuss gross eHarmony ads, Boredwalk's most recent burglary, ineffective law enforcement, and the general bad vibes swirling around Boredwalk for the last several months.

They also debate which is more powerful: capitalism or misogyny? Meredith is pretty sure it's misogyny and lays out why, and Tess supports this hypothesis with some first-hand experiences working on ads for some of the worst companies on the internet.

They then check in with the internet troll contingent, and the trolls did not disappoint. (They never do.)

Thankfully, Karen left a 5-star review for her new Grievance Journal, which helped the troll pills go down a bit easier.

Our co-hosts move on to reacting to fan answers to the Question of the Day "what fragrance do others like that you can't stand?" and patchouli was the runaway 'winner' among fans, but Tess & Meredith had their own strong opinions on this question.

They wrap things up by trading answers to the Delve Deck Venting and Joy Edition questions "what problem can you not believe technology hasn't solved yet?" and "what's your favorite guilty pleasure right now?"

Get in on the action and listen to the hilarity on the platform of your choice!


Here are a few historical tidbits and famous birthdays to kick off your weekend:

• In 1910 French aviator Raymonde de Laroche became the first woman to receive a pilot's license

In 1917 the US Senate voted to limit filibusters by adopting the cloture rule. LOL, problem solved, no notes!

• In 1950 the first Volkswagen Type 2, aka VW Bus, aka every hippie's favorite mode of transportation, rolled off the production line.

• In 1979 the compact disc, aka the best audio media format ever invented — I AM NOT ENTERTAINING CHALLENGES TO THIS ASSERTION, VINYL FETISHISTS — was demonstrated publicly for the first time by Dutch manufacturer Philips

Birthday peanut clusters all around (unless you're allergic, of course) for: Singer-songwriter & actor Micky Dolenz of The Monkees (1945), singer-songwriter & bassist Randy Meisner of The Eagles (1946), English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and car enthusiast Gary Numan (1958), Irish-American actor Aidan Quinn of Desperately Seeking Susan and Benny & Joon fame (1959), actress Camryn Manheim of The Practice fame (1961), actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. of She's All That, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Scooby-Doo film franchise fame (1976), actor James Van Der Beek of Dawson's Creek and Varsity Blues fame (1977), tattoo artist & model Kat Von D (1982), Uzbekistani-American actress & comedian Milana Vayntrub of AT&T commercial and Werewolves Within fame (1987), and English actor Kit Connor of Heartstopper fame (2004)

Pour one out for: French composer & conductor Hector Berlioz (d. 1869), German businessman & fragile airship inventor Ferdinand Zeppelin (d. 1917), Grateful Dead keyboardist & songwriter Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (d. 1973), jazz singer Billy Eckstine (d. 1993), baseball icon Joe DiMaggio (d. 1999), and English composer, conductor, record producer, and "Fifth Beatle" George Martin (d. 2016)


OK, that's it for this week!

We'll be back here in your inbox on Monday with another email and maybe a fresh customer Q&A if any brave soul (perhaps you?) volunteers! If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming email, reply to this one and let us know!

Peace, love, and courage (liquid or otherwise)