September 26, 2019

All charged up!

Boredwalk All Charged Up Crystal Chart Shirt

It's been a bit of a rocky week here at Boredwalk HQ (see what I did there? Boredwalk: where we have punz 4 dayz), but that didn't stop me from cranking out that crystalline new design up top! Hat tip to our resident crystal aficionado Breana for her input on which specimens to include. Thanks, Bre!

Besides those crystals, something a bit more topical has us all charged up around the office: the no good, horrible, very bad week our bumbling commander-in-national embarrassment is having. Don't get me wrong — we don't delight in our country's executive branch being such a relentless shit show — but we do relish it whenever ne'er do wells get punished for their malfeasance. 

We discuss that on this week's podcast, as well as shedding a little light on our creative process and the (occasional) pitfalls associated with it. We also poke fun at our office park's incompetent property manager and her weak trees, read some customer reviews (possibly yours!), read some of our favorite comments on recent Question of the Day posts, and share a few of our recent most favorite things: Fall TV shows we're digging, snacks, home decor projects, and more! We also ask (twice) for some podcast reviews, because we're sad creative types who need constant validation for all of our endeavors, even the ones that involve sitting around talking into microphones. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget to enter to win the Fall Vibes Giveaway! Only three days left, as entries close on September 30th! Entering is free, quick, and easy — just go here to do so.

We hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend, and we'll be back next Tuesday with a new Boredwalk Community Q&A, new podcast episode, and more new designs! Until then...

Peace, love, and aligned chakras,