November 08, 2018

Be the strange you wish to see in the world!

be the strange shirt
Hey gang! We did it! We voted! Yay! Thanks to all of you that went out and exercised your right to vote on Tuesday. Also thanks to those of you that shared pix of your stickers and ballot stubs! It was super-fun to get so many emails, Instagram & Twitter DMs, and Facebook messages from you.

We've added a bunch of new designs this week, including the one you see above. We also have a brand new podcast episode up! This week we go to speak with Rob Lawless of @robs10kfriends, an Instagram account documenting his quest to meet 10,000 people. We discuss the importance of human connections, what got him started on this journey, and what he's learned from it thus far. Enjoy!

Check back next week for more fresh designs, a new podcast episode, and other fun stuff โ€” including information about upcoming Black Friday deals you do NOT want to miss out on!

Until then, peace, love, and tacos,