November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with some helpful holiday shopping gift guides, freebies, discounts, AND a fresh podcast episode!

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys! We hope that no matter how you're spending your day that it contains at least some element of fun. And if not, we have a TON of stuff to distract you, whether you're forced to slog through a slow day at work or an interminably long family gathering dodging backhanded insults from relatives whose opinions you'd really rather do without.

*NOTE: If you want to skip the entertainment and get right to the savings, scroll to the bottom! There's a freebie there, too!

First up: gift guides! We've compiled a bunch of helpful themed gift guides to help you with your holiday shopping this year:

Ugly Holiday Sweaters You'll Want to Wear Year-Round

Cat Lover Gifts Under $50

Book Lover Gifts Under $50

Gifts For Vegans Under $50

Feminist Gifts Under $50

Fun White Elephant & Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $15

Next we have some classic Boredwalk blog posts that are pretty evergreen (see what I did there?), from awesome holiday playlists to our holiday movie recommendations and cocktail recipes galore!

Boredwalk's Holiday Playlist (That Doesn't Suck!)

Five Fall Cocktails To Help Make Family Visits More Tolerable

Five Winter Cocktails To Warm The Cockles Of Even The Grinchiest Heart

Must-Watch (or Re-Watch) Holiday Movies

Finally, we have a new Thanksgiving episode of the podcast up! We share a customer review and then quickly pivot to a lot of complaining (as is our wont). Think of it as an early Festivus present for your earballs! 

We hope you're all having a fantastic holiday, and we'll be back next week with a new episode and other fun stuff!

Oh, and lest I forget — use the code HOLIDAY15 at checkout for 15% off orders of $50 or more! And if your order is $75+ we'll include a free gift!

And you'll need some way to help identify all the recipients of those treats — download and print some free gift tags here!

Peace, love, and thanks for the best customers a couple of curmudgeons could ask for,