January 13, 2023

🦝 A new era is upon us!


Sick of self-improvement? I don't blame you! If reality isn't gonna get any better why should we? Embrace your inner villain, my friend. What has being a hero ever done for you? Today is the day; carpe diem!
Wanna know how I know today is the day?
1. It's Friday the 13th, a day celebrated by villains since a hockey mask-clad Jason Voorhes slashed his way onto the scene at Camp Crystal Lake.
2. Today is National Blame Someone Else Day, a time-honored tradition among villains. Villains don't do personal responsibility, villains do chaos!
3. Today is also Quitters Day, the day for giving up New Year's resolutions and leaning into your flaws. Boredwalk co-founder Matt is still going strong with his whole "abstaining from alcohol" kick...but he's not happy about it!
4. Finally, today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day, and haven't we all dreamed of being the villain at some point or another? The secret lair, the notoriety, the sharks adorned with lasers circling your murky moat? No one's gonna mess with you and your mob of sharky henchmen! You've tried your best, and where did it get you? It's time to try your worst!
Today is also National Sticker Day and, as OG Boredwalk fans know, our orders ship with very cool limited edition free stickers. Get our current sticker before it's gone!
maleficent gif
Villains know how to make an entrance, something we can all learn from and aspire to.
GIF via Turner Classic Movies
Want a few notable January 13th birthdays and historical facts to kick off the weekend? Chew on these!
• Born on this day: screenwriter/producer Shonda Rhimes (1970), actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus (1961), actor Patrick Dempsey (1966), actor Orlando Bloom (1977), and actor Liam Hemsworth (1990)
 The National Geographic Society was founded on this day in 1888
• The first public radio broadcast aired on this day in 1910
 Johnny Cash performed live at Folsom State Prison on this day in 1968. The two sets he and his backing band performed that day were recorded for posterity, and 16 of those tracks were released on May 6th of that year as the all-killer no-filler album At Folsom Prison.  
• Finally, Douglas Wilder became the first elected Black governor in the state of Virginia on this day in 1990
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Peace, love, and villainy,