January 16, 2024

A smorgasbord of occasions! 🥳


Happy Monday! (That's a thing people say on Mondays, right?)
Hopefully you had a pleasant weekend. If not, rejoice! For there are SO many things for you to celebrate today. Seriously! January 8th happens to be:
National Bubble Bath Day
National Clean Your Desk Day
National English Toffee Day 
National Snuggle a Chicken Day 
National Gluten-Free Day
That is so many different days, all on one day! Surely ONE of them has what it takes to put some pep in your step, no?
I am partial to chicken snuggles and bubble baths myself — mainly because I feel like after a good chicken snuggle a bath is in order. That's just good sense (and hygiene).
Chicken hug GIF
How adorable! (Still bathing with his rubber cousin after this, though.)

GIF via Mercy For Animals, a great organization!
Alright! Let's kick off the week with a few famous January 8th birthdays and historical fact (singular — guess 1/8 is a slow news day):
• In 1790 President George Washington delivered the first State of the Union address
• Gluten-free birthday toffee all around for: comedian & actor Soupy Sales (1926), singer-songwriter, guitarist, and cultural icon Elvis Presley (1935), Welsh singer Shirley Bassey of James Bond theme fame (1937), English actor & screenwriter Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame (1941), English physicist Stephen Hawking (1942), guitarist & songwriter Robby Krieger of The Doors (1946), English singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and cultural icon David Bowie (1947), Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith (1964), singer-songwriter Andrew Wood of photo-grunge luminaries Mother Love Bone (1966), singer-songwriter & actress Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service, and solo career fame (1976), actress, writer, director, and producer Amber Benson of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame (1977), Canadian actress & filmmaker Sarah Polley of Go and My Life Without Me fame (1979), and actress Gaby Hoffman of Field of Dreams, Sleepless in Seattle, and Transparent fame (1982)
• Pour one out for: Italian mathematician, astronomer, physicist, and philosopher Galileo Galilei (d. 1642) and cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney (d. 1825)
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Peace, love, and gluten-free treats,