June 24, 2022

A very exclusive sneak peek at our new book!

If you don’t receive (or read) our Wednesday emails, you may be wondering what the heck is going on with today’s Boredwalk email. No images? No funny GIFs? Just text and ramblings from some rando named Matt? I know! So weird. 
As I explained in our Wednesday email, Boredwalk is in the midst of some really big changes! In the coming days and weeks we’ll be moving our website from boredwalktshirts.com to boredwalk.com. Finally! This means, though, that moving forward all emails from us will be coming from addresses ending in @boredwalk.com, and that sort of change is actually really delicate. So we need to gradually “warm up” this new email account so the Gmails and Yahoos of the world don’t freak out and banish us to some dank, dark corner of your spam filter. This means we’re only sending this one email over the next several days, but to make it up to you we’re giving you a sneak peek at our next book!
Samples are currently being printed, and we’re hoping to have it ready to ship by the end of July. Yay! To check out the cover and a few of the pages that will be inside, just click this link to be whisked away to a super-secret page where you can take a gander.
Another big change coming in the next few weeks is an altogether new look for the Boredwalk website! We’re hoping it makes searching easier, that it speeds up the load times for our pages, makes it easier to determine the best size to order (if you’re shopping for tees, tanks, or hoodies), and just generally makes your Boredwalk shopping experience more pleasant. Fingers crossed!
Thanks for your patience while we make these changes. We hope you like the peek at the new book, and we’ll be back to our regular email format and schedule in a week or so, along with some brand new art to share!
Peace, love, and evolution,
Matt & Meredith and the rest of the Boredwalk team