August 15, 2019

All bad days. Every single one of them.

Boredwalk All Bad Days Black Cat Shirt

OK...maybe not ALL bad days. But certainly not all good, either. Which is fitting!

Much like the feisty feline in our new All Bad Days design, we've got a lot of people and things getting our hackles up. Accordingly, Meredith and I air a lot of grievances on this week's podcast episode. Which coincidentally also happens to be our 52nd. That's right — The Boredwalk Podcast is officially one year old! Time sure flies when you're getting drunk near a microphone.

We decided to celebrate the occasion by upgrading our recording equipment. It was very pricey, but I think you'll find it was worth it to marginally improve the sound quality of our episodes. Give me another year to tinker and it just might start to sound somewhat professional! Our new stuff is so complicated to set up and use that doing so took a year off of my life, so it's almost like it's two years old. I am nothing if not efficient.

Things getting our goat this week:

• Chainsmoking work neighbors
• Intrusive home neighbors with a penchant for late-night hammering
• Childhood bullies
• The emotional discomfort generated by Netflix's Queer Eye
• Our idiot President

It's not all bourbon-soaked misery, though! We also share some swell customer reviews and read fans' answers to our Question of the Day posts from Facebook & Instagram — enjoy!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. We'll be back next week with more new designs, another new podcast episode, and more complaints about this, that, AND the other. You'll love it! Probably. Until then...

Peace, love, and tacos,