November 05, 2021

🍩 At least one thing will go right today...


Happy National Donut Day! We are getting into the carbiest time of the year, so why not kick it off with cruller intentions? Will it solve any of your problems? Absolutely not. But it will provide a dose of fleeting joy, which is about as good as it gets these days.

Sloth promises just one bite before diving face first into donuts

A real life depiction of my own self-control on display.

To go with our donuts, let's pass around some birthday cake for these November 5th babies:

Academy Award winning actress Katherine Matilda "Tilda" Swinton was born on this day in 1960. You've probably seen her in films like Vanilla SkyAdaptation, or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Actress Vivian "Leigh" Mary Hartley was born on this day in 1913. Also an Academy Award Winner for her appearances in Gone With The Wind and A Street Car Named Desire, Leigh is considered the 16th greatest female movie star of classic Hollywood cinema by the  American Film Institute.

Canadian guitarist, singer, composer, record producer, photographer, and philanthropist Bryan Guy Adams was born on this day in 1959. Adams has sold over 100 million records worldwide. He was the most played artist on Canadian radio in the 2010s and has had 25 Top 15 singles in Canada, and a dozen or more in each of the US, UK, and Australia.

It was also on this day:

The board game Monopoly was released (1935).

The Nat King Cole Show debuted on NBC (1956), making it first variety program to be hosted by an African-American.

Lastly, in the category of "some people have too much money and those people tend to be crazy," on this day in 2011 Canadian dentist Michael Zuk paid £19,500 for a tooth of John Lennon's that had been removed in the 1960's. Lennon had originally given the tooth to his housekeeper to dispose of or give to her daughter. Zuk purchased the tooth in hopes of cloning John Lennon, but ended up peddling pendants and a sculpture made from Lennon's "tooth dust." How melodically macabre!


We didn't have time to get our new (finished) design posted this week or edit a podcast episode — co-founder Matt and I are on the other (colder, rainier) side of the country for a family wedding (masked, of course; safety first!) — but we will have fresh new art and a new podcast episode to enjoy next week, along with some other exciting treats we are working on. We hope you have a great Diwali if you're celebrating, and if you're not I hope your Friday is delightful! Or at least tolerable; let's not set unrealistic expectations, right?

We will be back next week with new art, a podcast for your ear holes, historical facts, bad puns, and more, so stay tuned! Until then...

Peace, love, and donuts,