September 05, 2022

🥵 Avoiding wearing white after today? No sweat...


OK, that's not entirely true. In this climate, there will still be some sweat — sorry. But also...Happy Labor Day! If you happen to be working today...I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better (or at least less alone), I'm right there with you.
Boredwalk's staff has the day off — so if you're reading this and happened to email us after business hours Friday or over the weekend, please rest assured our customer service team will get back to you tomorrow — but co-founder Meredith and I will be engaging in all the other drudgery involved with keeping this rickety bucket of bolts afloat. Sadly, none of that includes working on new products and designs. 
Mostly we'll be doing our best to keep cool while reviewing job applicants, wrangling vendors, and yelling at web hosts and tech oligarchs about their buggy platforms and systems. #LivingTheNightmare
Considering we're now entering our...sixth?...consecutive +100º F day here in SoCal, it sure feels like we're Satan's party guests. All I know is that I will NOT abide a room-temperature martini. Keep that cocktail shaker icy, Lucifer!
Exasperated Lucifer gif
Oh come off it, Lucy! You're the Lord of Hell! Surely some ice cubes can't be that elusive!
Today is also National Cheese Pizza Day! While that may not seem very enticing if, like me, you're currently Lake of Fire-adjacent, you know what is? Cold day-old slices fresh from the fridge!
It's also National Shrink Day. Shout out to my guy Vince! I've been seeing my therapist off and on since 2015 (mostly on, of late), and I get a lot of value out of our conversations, even if they're primarily a vehicle for me to beat up on myself and for Vince to say encouraging things to me. Appreciate the effort, Vince, but my inner child needs to toughen up!
Finally, speaking of shrinks and children and protecting them from harm and what not, this week is National Child Protection Week. Soapbox time: If you think something is "off" with a child in your orbit, please don't ignore it, even if you think a friend or family member is responsible and you're trying to protect all parties involved. Abusers do not deserve a blind eye, even if they're a brother, sister, uncle, aunt, parent, grandparent, coworker, etc. All that does is make victims think no one cares enough to stop it, and makes abusers think they can keep abusing with no repercussions or consequences. **END RANT** 
Moving along, if today happens to be your birthday, happy birthday! But don't hog all the cake; let's check in on other notable events and birthday celebrants on September 5ths of years past!
• 1774: The First Continental Congress assembles this day in Philadelphia. I wonder if they were served continental breakfast* each day before the yelling-at-one-another-in-powdered-wigs commenced? I hope so. I like to imagine Ben Franklin sneaking cantaloupe wedges and croissants into the main chamber to chuck at the back Thomas Jefferson's smug head.
*I am already well-aware that the concept of the continental breakfast did not come into being until the late 19th century; please don't exert yourself typing a reply pointing this out. It's just a joke.

• 1882: The first Labor Day parade in the US is held in New York City. "Have fun, workers! But, uh, make sure to clean up this mess when you're done reveling." — The Man, probably

• 1977: NASA launches the Voyager I spacecraft. Here's some fun trivia — Voyager I actually launched 16 days after Voyager II. Make it make sense, NASA!
• 1940: Actress & singer Raquel Welch is born. Her depiction on the promotional posters for the movie One Million B.C. is about as iconic as it gets.
• 1946: Speaking of iconic, singer-songwriter and Queen frontman Farrokh "Freddie Mercury" Bulsara is born and continues to rock me, even from the grave.

• 1951: Actor Michael Keaton is born. He's Batman! But also Mr. Mom. 
Alright! Still waiting for some responses from volunteers, but no new customer Q&A this week. If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming Monday email (and are a customer with some Boredwalk tees, tanks, hoodies, towels, bags, or books to show off), just reply to this and let us know, and we'll send you some fun questions to answer (along with our undying gratitude)!
We'll be back here in your inbox on Wednesday with some more random holidays to observe, historical tidbits to acknowledge, and fun links to entertaining content! Until next time...
Peace, love, and cooler weather,