Awesome Funny Cat Tshirts That Make Purrfect Gifts
July 09, 2016

Awesome Funny Cat Tshirts That Make Purrfect Gifts

If you haven't guessed it yet, Boredwalk is crazy about kitties. Brand founders Matt and Meredith have two little fur-kiddos at home who make frequent appearances in our Instagram feed.  If you or someone you love also can't imagine life without cats, these cat tshirts are the perfect way to announce your crazy cat lady or crazy cat dude status!

1. Later Haters Cat Tshirt

Later Haters Cat Tshirt

Cats just have a certain flair for letting you know when they've had enough of your nonsense. We love this kitty's cheeky grin, and like to imagine he's basically laughing at his enemies and he tells them to kiss off.

2. Here Comes Kitty Tshirt

Here Comes Kitty Tshirt

If your kitty is anything like mine, he sees himself as larger than life. Whether he's wrecking your living room or a cardboard box, in his mind he could easily demolish the city if he felt so inclined. 

3. Feed Me Your Tacos Cat Tshirt

Feed Me Your Tacos Funny Cat Tshirt

My cat loves to "share" my food, and by share I mean he loves to steal it. He's made off with pieces of fruit, sushi and even a half eaten slice of pizza once. If your cat loves to get his paws on your snacks then you'll both probably appreciate this cute funny taco cat tshirt.

4. Mittens For President Cat Tshirt

Mittens For President Funny Political Cat Tshirt

Got a cat who wants to rule more than just your household? I bet he'd love a seat in Mittens' cabinet. This politically active kitty is the cutest of the 3rd party candidates.

5. Turnt Up Cat Tshirt

Turnt Up Cat Tshirt

This cool cat brings new meaning to the words party animal. Wear him out to your next house party or bar crawl, because this cat is too cool to be a mere house pet!

Want more cat-themed awesomeness? Here's our full collection of cat shirts!

P.S. Shout out to Kitty Sites -- the place to find even more stuff about cats!