November 21, 2019

Black Friday calls for black cats!

Boredwalk Fine Thanks Black Cat Shirt

There's a LOT to get to this week, so I'll try to be as brief as possible. First and most importantly, it's Black Friday!

I mean, not the real Black Friday — that's next week — but as far as Boredwalk is concerned, it's ON! So here are the important discounts you can take advantage of to save on your holiday shopping this weekend:

BFCM10 will save you 10% on any order.
BFCM15 will save you 15% on orders of $50 or more.
BFCM20 will save you 20% on orders of $100 or more.

Clicking on those links will automatically apply those discounts to your cart, but you're welcome to also manually type them in or copy/paste them at checkout if you're not sure which one you want to use just yet.

These codes WILL self-destruct at 11:59PM on Monday November 25th, so if you're operating within a budget this holiday season, PLEASE don't wait until next Friday. These are our deepest discounts of 2019, and I do mean it when I say these codes expire at midnight on Monday. If you're not operating within a budget...must be nice.

OK! Two other items to get to before we all hang out together in podcast land:

1. We now have a wishlist feature! On any product page on our site, just click the blue 'Wishlist It!' button below the Add To Cart button to add that item to your personal wishlist. You can create multiple lists, and even share them with friends on social or send them via email if you think you can successfully convince other people to buy you stuff!

2. We now have an Ambassador Program! This is a fantastic way to help Boredwalk reach more people (especially since Facebook & Instagram ads apparently don't work anymore) while also saving 10% on Boredwalk merch, earning a 20% commission when you send orders our way, and even earn free Boredwalk merch!

That's it! Now on to the podcast! This week we dress down some sloppily-dressed politicians, vent about the office park property manager, discuss the likelihood that our recording studio is haunted, share a customer review, and read fan comments from this week's Question of the Day posts! Enjoy!

As I mention in the episode, we're undecided as to whether we'll record an episode next week — it really depends on feedback from YOU...which must be submitted in the form of an iTunes review. Given how steadfastly I've implored our listeners to leave us iTunes reviews to absolutely no avail, my magic 8 ball isn't very bullish on the prospect of us recording next week...but if even ONE person asks us to (again, via iTunes review), we'll do it. The ball's in your court! Until next time...

Peace, love, and mashed potatoes,