October 11, 2018

Dark Humor, Art as a Day Job, & Coping Skills: Boredwalk Chats With Sebastien Millon

Sebastien Millon Art Print


This week we chat with artist and friend Sebastien Million! Here at Boredwalk we truly make it our mission to bring you content we think you'll enjoy and we'd never introduce you to an artist we aren't thrilled to share with you. If you like what we do, we think you'll love Sebastien's work, too. Just admire the masterpiece above; ducky knows bathing in the blood of your enemies is one of life's simple pleasures, and you know it, too. Sebastien's charming hybrid of colorful adorable characters juxtaposed with dark humor will have you laughing out loud, so check out his work!

On the podcast this week we talk to Sebastien about staying sane when life gets tough, being a working artist, and dark humor. Listen to our interview below:

Also, we have so much new stuff to keep you in the spooky Halloween spirit. If you need a fun new shirt for taking your kids trick or treating or watching horror movies, check out the new gear! (Okay, they aren't all Halloween themed, but they are all new!)

Never Trust the Living

Salem Charm School

Living My Okayest Life Shirt

Thanks again for listening! More treats for your ear holes and wardrobe coming at you next week!

Peace, Love and Tacos,