April 12, 2021

Boredwalk Community: Librarian by Day, Wedding Officiant by Night

Welcome back to our weekly Boredwalk Community series, where we ask Boredwalk fans fun questions! This week we're talking to Barbara M., looking cozy and well-read in her Suppport Your Local Library hoodie!

1. What's your actual day job and what's your dream day job?

I'm a children's librarian in a public library outside the Pittsburgh, PA area (actually, the public library I grew up GOING to!) and it IS my dream day job! I've been here since 2002.

2. What's a book you think the Boredwalk community should read?

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It provides a thought-provoking look at all the "what if's" we ask ourselves...what if we took that job, married that guy...how would our lives be different? It does dive a bit into mental illness, but overall, it'll make you think about your "what if's."

3. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

Oh, if I could travel anywhere, tube travel, like The Jetsons! My son and his family just moved to Australia, and I'd love to pop on over and HUG THEM and check out where they live, and see koalas and kangaroos up close!

4. Clear up a misconception (about your job, where you are from, some other topic you know a lot about).

Misconception: Librarians get paid to sit and read all day. Our jobs are GREAT, but we don't just sit and read all day! Go check out your public library and borrow some excellent free stuff!

5. What experience do you most want to cross off your bucket list?

I've been hot-air ballooning, but my hubby has not. It's on the plan for later this summer we hope (and that trip to Australia, as soon as the countries all like each other again)!

6. What is a surprising fact about you?

Fun fact about me? I officiate weddings on the side! In the state of Pennsylvania you can "self-unite," an old law from back in the QUAKER days, so my hubby and I actually officiated our own wedding and had our guests pronounce us to be husband and wife!

(Ed. note: that is VERY cool! Now if only I could by a bottle of wine before noon on Sundays next time I'm in PA...)

7. Where can the rest of the Boredwalk community find you?

This is my work FB page. When I'm not there I can often be found reading in a rocking chair or taking long walks with my husband.