October 12, 2020

Boredwalk Community: Some Of Us Have Places To Be

What a Time to be Alive and Anxious Shirt

Welcome to our weekly Boredwalk Community series, where we ask Boredwalk fans fun questions! This week we're talking to Jennie Z., showing off a What a Time to be Alive and Anxious shirt.

1. What's your actual day job and what's your dream day job?

Graphic designer (t-shirts are my specialty!), but I still want to be a music video director when I grow up. I'm over 40. I should probably get my life together.

2. What's your biggest pet peeve?

People who drive the speed limit in the passing lane. Some of us have places to be, Sharon.

3. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

I wish I could say flying, but I'm scared of heights and I don't think the fact that I can't fall would fix that.

4. You can curse your nemesis with a minor annoyance for eternity; what do you choose?

Popcorn stuck in the back teeth.

5. What experience do you most want to cross off your bucket list?

Torn between volcanoes erupting and glaciers so I guess I'm going to Iceland.

6. If you drink: what's your go-to drink? If you don't drink: what's your go-to dessert or snack?

Gin & Tonic 4 lyf.

7. What's a book you think the Boredwalk community should read?

Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if you've somehow missed it.

8. What is a surprising fact about you?

I'm not actually a hobbit. (Ed. note: Is this a frequent misconception people have about you?!)

9. Clear up a misconception (about your job, where you are from, some other topic you know a lot about).

People don't think podcasting be like it is, but it do. (So you're a graphic designer with a concentration in t-shirts who JUST HAPPENS to also have a podcast. Hmmm...)

10. Where can the rest of the Boredwalk community find you?

@jennie_z on Twitter should get you wherever you wanna go. Also zellsbells.com and BelleAndDubs.com