June 15, 2020

Boredwalk Community: Swearing & Tattoos

Welcome to our weekly Boredwalk Community series, where we ask Boredwalk fans fun questions! This week we're talking to Amanda G., who is looking empowered in her Feminist is My Second Favorite F-word racer back tank top!

1. What's your actual day job and what's your dream day job?

I work in construction, which answers both questions! More on that below...

2Clear up a misconception (about your job, where you are from, some other topic you know a lot about).

Construction has a lot of misconceptions, most of which are not true (for one thing, it actually pays very well).

Every construction site brings new, interesting challenges. When a project is finished, you can look back and see that you built something new, something that didn’t exist before,
something that will be there, in many cases, for generations to come. You get to build the stuff people depend on.

Also, there are not too many other industries where I can swear as much as I want and have tattoos. (Ed. note: Same here at Boredwalk! We always have to ask during interviews if applicants are at all uncomfortable with salty language...because there's a lot of it flying around the office & warehouse.)

3. What's a surprising fact about you?

Every day, I continue to be grateful and surprised by the fact that I was able to escape a life of poverty (I grew up on a struggling dairy farm in northern rural Minnesota). The fact that I am now living the life I have feels like I won the lotto. (This is awesome, and a wonderful reminder for us all to keep striving!)

4. Where can the rest of the Boredwalk community find you?

Not really a public person. But you can find the company I work for here: