Boredwalk's Guide to the Essentials for a Successful Desert Getaway
August 16, 2018

Boredwalk's Guide to the Essentials for a Successful Desert Getaway

Essentials for a Successful Desert Getaway
Usually when people find out what Matt and I do for a living they think we just get to hang out and draw stuff all day. I wish! Life at Boredwalk has a lot of stressful moments whether we're bouncing trolls, managing ads, wrestling with vendor headaches, or trying to fix production SNAFUs — the easy moments around here are mostly few and far between. To regroup our favorite thing to do is spend a few days in the desert. Communing with the cacti and gazing at the stars is our way to reset.

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August may seem like a strange time of year to go to Joshua Tree, but we survive the heat with a few essentials, and we'd hate to miss our favorite meteor shower of the year. So what's on our list of must-haves for a successful summertime getaway to the desert?

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1. Swimming pool
2. Frozen grapes + Sangria
3. Tons of sunscreen and shades
4. Iced coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up
5. A relaxing playlist that goes with the dreamy landscape once the sun sets and the breezes (and bats!) roll in.

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Now we're back and refreshed, working on new designs and even some other exciting new products that we're just putting the finishing touches on!

Even if you missed the meteor shower last weekend, we hope our little playlist will bring a little of that stardust into your day. 

Peace, love, and shooting stars,