September 30, 2020


Happy International Podcast Day! Sadly, we have not recorded this week's episode of The Boredwalk Podcast yet (that's happening tonight!), but if the spirit moves you, maybe go subscribe on the platform of your choice and be delighted when you're notified tomorrow afternoon that it's available! It'll be full of customer reviews, Question of the Day comments, Meredith's grievances regarding...well, everything...and my salty hot take on the first Presidential debate interspersed with my customary cynical witticisms about...again, everything.

Alright, let's eat some birthday cake before we get to those playful links!

 First up, happy birthday to Truman Garcia Capote, born this day in 1924! Mr. Capote was a literary luminary of the mid-20th century, known for both his fiction (Breakfast at Tiffany's) and nonfiction (In Cold Blood, which gave little Matt nightmares for weeks because no horror movie monster is as scary as a remorseless human chowing down on aspirin like they're Smarties).

• Next, la multi ani to Elie Wiesel, born this day in 1928! Mr. Wiesel was a Romanian-born American writer, political activist, Nobel laureate, and Holocaust survivor whose memoir Night remains a powerful document of the Holocaust perpetrated against Jewish Europeans during World War II by Nazi Germany. There aren't many books from high school that I feel warranted the "required reading" designation, but Night is one that absolutely does. 

• Finally, happy birthday to Francine Joy Drescher, born this day in 1957! Ms. Fran and her trademark voice & cackle may have achieved the most fame on her sitcom The Nanny, but as far as I'm concerned her best roles were in the cinematic classics This Is Spinal Tap and UHF.

OK, link time!

1. Good Good Good posts only good news to their Instagram, ultimately making Boredwalk's Wednesday emails redundant. 

That said, they're less funny than I am, so I guess you should keep opening these and reading them. Take that, Good Good Good!

2. Artist Matthew Zaremba seems like something of a kindred spirit...if by "kindred spirit" you mean "minimalist miserablist."

I hope he keeps posting every. single. day.

3. These salty parrots are cracker-ing each other up!

A family-friendly safari park in the UK recently removed some parrots after they taught each other to swear and laughed about it. This is just one guy's opinion, but this seems like more of a value-add than a detraction. I say let 'em swear!

4. Former psychiatrist teaches us how to tame internet trolls with a Medium post and a handy chart.

This all sounds well and good, but I have a life to live; I can't just fritter away "humanizing" people and "setting boundaries." Be polite or be blocked!

5. I've saved the best for last: did you know that Satan has an Instagram?

True story! Get thee to Hell!