February 03, 2021


Happy National Carrot Cake Day! I hope you have slightly spiced wishes and cream cheese frosting dreams tonight...but heaven help you if you ruin this thing with raisins.


Also, happy National Golden Retriever Day! Bonus points if you happen to celebrate National Doggie Date Night (which is also today/tonight) WITH a golden retriever, but let's be honest — every pupper, regardless of breed, deserves some quality time with their human companion.

Finally, happy National Women Physicians Day! This day celebrates the life of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the British-born first female doctor to earn a medical degree and practice in the U.S. 


So many birthdays today! Let's put them into categories:

• Music: German composer Felix Mendelssohn, born this day in 1809!

• Medicine: The aforementioned physician (and abolitionist) Elizabeth Blackwell, born this day in 1821! Un-fun fact: it took several years for Dr. Blackwell to gain admittance to medical school. According to the vast majority of rejection letters she received, this had nothing to do with her actual intellectual capability and everything to do with either a.) her "inferiority" due her gender and/or b.) the fear that she might actually be good and that the resulting influx of women into the medical industry would put all of those helpless male doctors out of a job. (Heaven forbid they do what a normal person would do and just BE BETTER AT THEIR DAMN JOB.) Good on Hobart College in New York for being the least-terrible institute of higher learning circa 1847!

• Art: Painter & illustrator Norman Percevel Rockwell, born this day in 1894! Mr. Rockwell's work became synonymous with The Saturday Evening Post thanks to the cover illustrations depicting an idealized (but wildly unrealistic) version of American life, but once his contract with the Post ended he finally was free to explore his favored political themes of civil rights, poverty, and space exploration while under contract with Look magazine. 

• Drama: Morgan Fairchild (1950), Nathan Lane and Maura Tierney (1965), Warwick Davis (1970), and Isla Fisher (1976)

OK, OK...you've waited long enough. It's link time!

1. Remember that resourceful maze-running hamster from two weeks ago? Yeah, it has competition now. 

This hedgehog must be as bored in quarantine as its human clearly is to put up with learning this sh!t.

2. Get a load of this creep!

Instagram user RumHamRevenge (which might just be the best Insta handle I've ever come across) is doing some next level stuff with cameras and a seemingly never ending supply of monster masks. Check it out...if you dare! (Don't miss the Reels section of his profile. High-quality horror humor abounds.)

3. Happy Fluff Comics is an adorable (and relatable) comic strip from cartoonist Askhara Ashok!

From grooming to periods to dating to shopping, this is all just...wonderful!

4. A world among worlds...

Hat tip to Kealan for this one! Welcome to the delightful world of book nooks — tiny 3D dioramas that sit on your bookshelf! As awesome as they are, though, they present a dilemma by requiring valuable shelf space. Which books from your collection would make the cut and remain? Which would have to be re-homed to accommodate the nook? Do tell!

5. Goose.Fight = minimalist comics for fans of the existentially absurd.

I don't quite understand why I find these so funny; I just know that I do.