November 04, 2020


Happy National Candy Day! Shoutout to our Customer Service & Shipping Supervisor Marlene for going above & beyond last Friday in decorating Boredwalk HQ for Halloween, and even setting up fun activities and doling out sweet treats to the whole team! Meredith and I are STILL working our way through the mountain of Twizzlers and Skittles.

I'm writing this on Tuesday evening about 30 minutes before polls close on the east coast. Regardless of the outcome, I expect we will be dealing with a wine & chocolate cake hangover tomorrow (i.e., this) morning, so plenty of water and candy seems about right for today's recovery menu.

Speaking of cake, though...let's honor some birthday persons!

 First up, happy birthday to "Oklahoma's Favorite Son", humorist/actor/cowboy/newspaper columnist/social commentator William Penn Adair Rogers, born this day in 1879! Mr. Rogers was born and raised in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory (now part of Oklahoma) and got his start doing rope tricks in vaudeville performances. He famously imbued humor in all facets of his professional life, and was widely quoted as saying "I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat." In 1928 he jokingly ran as the presidential candidate of the Anti-Bunk Party, which primarily involved him poking fun at other "serious" candidates in his weekly column in Life magazine. 

• Next up, cut a piece for "the most trusted man in America", Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr., born this day in 1916! Mr. Cronkite was a broadcast journalist who anchored the CBS Evening News from 1962 - 1981, and was known for signing off his broadcasts with the catchphrase "and that's the way it is." 

 Moving on, crane kick a slice for the karate kid himself, Ralph George Macchio, Jr., born this day in 1961! Mr. Macchio is best known for his portrayal of Daniel LaRusso in three Karate Kid films and the sequel streaming series Cobra Kai, but he's been acting since 1980 when he was cast as Jeremy Andretti in the sitcom Eight Is Enough.

 Alright, alright, alright! You know who won't be missing cake today? Twin birthday boys Sean John "Puff Daddy/Puffy/P. Diddy/Diddy" Combs and Matthew David McConaughey, both born this day in 1969! Mr. Combs is of course known as a producer, songwriter, rapper/singer, fashion mogul, and actor who also played a major role in exposing the world to Meredith and my favorite MC, Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace and arguably the greatest hip-hop album ever, Biggie's Ready To Die.

McConaughey is handsome, talented, weird, and a big fan of cannabis and nude bongos.

OK, link time!

1. Kirtlington, Oxfordshire has built a "highway" to foster the continued survival and growth of the local hedgehog population.

I learned a lot about hedgehog infrastructure, about how much locals love the hedgehogs, and got further confirmation that hedgehogs are adorable.

2. This Twitter account captions photos of badass cats with black metal song lyrics, and it's AMAZING.

They are open to photo submissions, but please be prepared for your beloved Fluffy to get paired with sentiments like "We are gathered as many, but we shall ride as one. Go, and unleash hell." This is honestly the greatest thing I've seen in weeks.

3. Designer/illustrator Amber Share scours the web for 1-star reviews of national parks and creates tourism posters and postcards for them.

Think the Grand Canyon is just "a very, very large hole" or that Olympic National Park "has no wow factor"? Then this link is for you.

4. Makeup artist Yuyumika does amazing work transforming herself into completely different people.  

Don't believe me? Check her out at Johnny Depp.

5. This animal park in Brussels, Belgium treated its non-human denizens for Halloween, and it's just delightful to see them celebrating spooky season!

Pairi Daiza is a zoological, botanical, and architectural garden that has been voted "best zoo in Europe" three years running, and with the creative ways in which the keepers keep the animals occupied, it's easy to see why!

6. BONUS: Just in time for Election Day, the Public Domain Review reminds us that no one can troll the patriarchy like pre-suffrage feminists.

In 1917 the National Woman Suffrage Publishing Co. put out a hilarious booklet titled This Little Book Contains Every Reason Why Women Should Not Vote. Curious as to the contents? Click the link to see!