September 14, 2022

Color me chuffed! ๐Ÿ˜Š


Playing with coloring books was not actually a favorite activity for me as a kid. As a neurotic little perfectionist, not being able to always neatly keep things inside the lines drove me crazy. As an adult though, I've found an appreciation for it.
A pairing of mature fine motor skills and an understanding that a sharper point is needed for a neater result has turned me into more of a coloring fan. Lately I've been having a great time coloring in pages in our dystopia themed activity book. It has actually helped me cut back on screen time!
Regular email subscribers know we don't do much product pitching on Wednesdays normally, but given the occasion we're offering 15% off on our activity book today only! Use code COLORTIME at check out. You really should treat yourself* โ€” my eyeballs are already feeling the benefits of fewer hours doom scrolling and more hours of coloring and solving puzzles.
*Also, I want to sell more activity books so I can convince Boredwalk co-founder Matt that we should design more activity books, mostly so I can have more activity books to play with. This is really all about my desire to have more activity books for myself, but I am confident you'll want more of them, too, once you own one of them.
coloring page from activity book
Coloring in my activity book was a much more satisfying way to spend my evening than reading about war and climate change and rich celebrities exacerbating climate change.
Want some September 14th history and famous birthdays? There's precious little to be had, because 9/14 definitely peaked with celebrating coloring. Here are a few tidbits though:
โ€ข Born on this day: singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse (1983), entrepreneur/Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec (1962), and controversial early 20th century activist Margaret Sanger* (1879)
* Sanger was a dedicated activist when it came to contraception and established organizations that eventually became Planned Parenthood. She strongly believed that women should control if and when they get pregnant, but also had some offensive ideas on who should have babies, so I guess we can just appreciate the stuff she did get right and leave the stuff she got wrong in the past where it belongs.
โ€ข On this day in 1985 TV sit-com The Golden Girls made its debut
Alright, you've waited long enough โ€” on to the links!

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This rescue goat is living the ungulate dream, and I am happy for her.

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3. Danny Devito and his daughter Lucy react to Danny Devito tattoos

Cute, funny, a little gross โ€” you'll love this mostly wholesome video.

4. Zillow gets the mockery it deserves

Shout out to our newest team member, Tess Menzies! You'll be seeing her in Boredwalk videos soon, but for now enjoy this amusing critique of LA real estate.

5. Nothing is fair, but at least we can b!tch about it among friends

Boredwalk creator team member Josh tells us about his shady ex-manager and invites you to complain, too.

OK! We'll be back here in your inbox on Friday with updates, more nonsense holidays to dissect, more notable birthdays to celebrate, and more witty content in general. Don't miss it! Until next time...

Peace, love, and enjoying that new dystopia themed activity book you are definitely about to order,