June 06, 2019

Coming in hot with a new podcast episode chock full of grievances!

Boredwalk Coming In Hot Devil Satan Lucifer Shirt

Happy Friday, everybody — we made it! One week closer to our respective inevitable demises. Thank goodness! 

This week I added one and a half new designs. I know that sounds insane, but it's accurate. In addition to basking in the warm neon glow of the above Lucifer-loving Coming In Hot design, I also indulged in a bit of revisionist history by taking another crack at our Eat Shop Love Local design, and I think it came out looking pretty great! What say you?

Boredwalk Eat Shop Love Local Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodie

Meredith and I also sat down on the podcast and discussed a bunch of stuff! We talk about surly, unhelpful clerks at the Glendale, California courthouse and my grandmother's unique (and very Russian) way of packing up food. We also share some customer reviews, read some fan comments on our Question of the Day posts from Facebook & Instagram (along with our hot takes thereof), and talk a bit about our upcoming giveaway. Entries officially start next week, so keep a lookout for details in the coming days!

We also reminisce about early-aughts hip-hop act FannyPack and their quasi-hit single 'Cameltoe'. Meredith wanted me to include it in the podcast itself, but I

a.) am not as confident in my editing skills as she is, and

b.) got cold feet about the prospect of legal action if that's not allowed by their former record label and/or publishing company. 

So instead, here it is, embedded for your viewing & listening pleasure:

We'll be back next week with more new designs, details on that giveaway, and some more refreshes of older designs. So much stuff!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! Drop us a line at hello@boredwalk.com to let us know what you get up to! Until next time...

Peace, love, and tacos,