January 15, 2024

🤔 Did someone say "Black Friday?" 🤑

Boredwalk's Bestselling New Releases of 2023


In case you just beamed down from space or are Rip Van Winkle's even sleepier cousin, today is Black Friday!

I'll get the discount codes out of the way now in case you are either new to Boredwalk and care nothing for my witty banter or are old to Boredwalk and just not much of a reader (or find my self-confidence in my wit misplaced and/or inaccurate):


• 10% OFF $50+ orders with code FRIDAY10

• 15% OFF $75+ orders with code FRIDAY15

20% OFF $200+ orders AND FREE U.S. shipping AND a free spiral notebook* (while they last!) with code FRIDAY20 

*Notebook will be added to your cart once the $200 threshold is reached

Before you say "big whoop, what's so special about a spiral notebook?" I should point out that these aren't your standard flimsy $1 notebooks with a plain color cover and binding made of recycled braces scrounged from the dumpster behind your dentist's office.

Our notebooks feature sturdy 260 lb. cover stock on the front AND back, 160 college-ruled pages, Wire-O binding for 360º page turns that lay flat, and original Boredwalk art on the cover that many customers have literally framed and repurposed as wall art once the interior pages are full. Oh, and did I mention that they are made in the USA? Because they are!

Once these are gone, though, they're (most likely) gone forever. Want to examine the goods? Check 'em out here!

I don't deserve this (but I do) GIF

Of COURSE you do! Tomorrow isn't promised,
so get that retail therapy dopamine hit while the getting's good!

GIF courtesy ABC / Bachelor In Paradise


Alright! Now to entertain the readers. Let's start the weekend off with some notable events and famous birthdays from November 24ths of yore! If you are among the birthday celebrants today, happy birthday!

• In 1877 Anna Sewell's animal welfare novel Black Beauty was published for the first time

• In 1971 during a severe thunderstorm over Washington state, a hijacker going by the name Dan Cooper (popularly known now as D.B. Cooper) parachuted from an airplane with $200,000 in ransom money and to this day has never been found

• In 1974 paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson and his team discovered a 40% complete Australopithecus afarensis skeleton in Ethiopia. It is nicknamed "Lucy" after The Beatles' song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', which played repeatedly all night throughout the expedition site after the discovery was made and sounds like a circle of Hell made specifically for Boredwalk co-founder Meredith: hot, dusty, and The Beatles on repeat.

Leftover pie of their choosing all around for: 12th U.S. President Zachary Taylor (1784), French Post-Impressionist painter & illustrator Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864), composer & pianist Scott "The King of Ragtime" Joplin of 'The Entertainer' and 'Maple Leaf Rag' fame (1868), writer & lecturer Dale Carnegie of How to Win Friends and Influence People fame (1888), English musician and original drummer of The Beatles Pete Best (1941), legendary bass player Donald "Duck" Dunn of Booker T. & The MGs and Stax Records fame (1941), Scottish comedian & actor Billy Connolly of Muppet Treasure Island fame (1942), actress, model, trans icon, and namesake of The Velvet Underground's 'Candy Says' Candy Darling (1944), drummer Clem Burke of new wave legends Blondie (1954), musician, producer, and songwriter Terry Lewis, who along with his partner Jimmy Jam was instrumental in creating the musical backing of many of Janet Jackson's biggest hits (1956), English singer-songwriter & guitarist John Squire of The Stone Roses (1962), English filmmaker Stephen Merchant of The Office fame (1974), actor Colin Hanks of Orange County, Roswell, Dexter, and being Tom's son fame (1977), actress Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Up fame (1978), Welsh actor Gwilym Lee of The Great and Bohemian Rhapsody fame (1983), actress Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame (1990), and my baby brother James (1991)! Happy birthday, bro!

Pour one out for: Tanzanian-English singer-songwriter and iconic rock 'n' roll frontman Freddie Mercury (d. 1991; pour a cool dozen out for that legend!), actor Pat Morita of M*A*S*H, Happy Days, and Karate Kid film franchise fame (d. 2005), and actress Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch fame (d. 2016)


OK, I think that about does it for this email! We'll be back here in your inbox on Monday with some more random holidays to observe — we didn't get around to it, but today is also National Sardines Day, and the less said about that, the better — more historical tidbits to acknowledge, and more of all that "witty" banter I'm so proud of! Until next time..

Peace, love, and savings,