May 24, 2023

Eating our feelings 😋


Happy National Asparagus Day! While I will concede that the Stalk of Stinky Pee is something of an acquired taste for the uninitiated, it is one of my favorite vegetables — easily in my Top 10 when in season (which it currently is).
Marinated and grilled, steamed and tossed with butter, salt, pepper, and lemon, sliced up and added to pasta prima vera, shaved raw and tossed in a vibrant salad — whichever form it takes, I AM HERE FOR IT.* I enjoy asparagus the way Sam-I-Am is partial to green eggs and ham. 
*Except for asparagus mousse. Sorry/not sorry, mom. 

Speaking of polarizing foods, today is also Denny's Endless Breakfast Day. Look, no shade if you dig Denny's — to each their own — but endlessly eating breakfast food, regardless of purveyor, is not high on my culinary to-do list. Unless the breakfast food in question is chilaquiles, which I will gladly consume on the daily, but last I checked it was nowhere to be found on the Denny's menu. C'mon, Denny! Get with the program! I demand breakfast nachos!**
**Before you fire up your "um, actually" response pointing out that Denny's already offers nachos as a starter, yes, I AM AWARE. But are the tortillas simmered in a spicy salsa and topped with egg (or in my case, plant-based egg substitute)? Yeah, didn't think so.
chilaquiles GIF
Sorry, pancakes — you're just OK for me, dawg.
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Wow. I really went off on a tangent there, huh? Chilaquiles will do that to a guy.
Anyway, want a few famous May 24th birthdays and historical facts before we get to this week's amusing links? Of course you do!
• In 1935 the first night game in Major League Baseball history was played in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the Cincinnati Reds defeating the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 at Crosley Field.
• Have a chocolatey peanut buttery confection in honor of candy maker and peanut butter cup inventor H.B. Reese, born this day in 1879!
• Listen to some sweet tunes today in honor of the following birthday musicians: Bob Dylan (1941), Patti LaBelle (1944), underrated singer-songwriter Terry Callier (1945; seriously — look him up if you're unfamiliar), Roseanne Cash (1955), rapper Heavy D (1967), and Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson (1969)
• Actors Priscilla Presley (1945), Alfred Molina (1953), Kristin Scott Thomas (1960), and John C. Reilly (1965) are also celebrating birthdays today.
Pour one out for: jazz giant Duke Ellington, who took the A train off this mortal coil this day in 1974, as did Byrds singer-songwriter Gene Clark in 1991 and Wilco multi-instrumentalist Jay Bennett in 2009
Now on to the amusing links!
Tess from the Boredwalk creator team asked Gen Z trivia questions from our new 1990s themed activity book and bet them money they wouldn't know the answers! Watch the video to see if they won any money and find out what they think Teen Spirit is. For more LOLs from our team be sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok and/or YouTube.
Instagram creator Aiden Arata makes guided meditations for those of us who roll our eyes at guided meditations.
Los Angeles-based sculptor, illustrator, and designer Joshua David McKenney makes a goth doll, and it is just in time for peak goth season...summer.
YouTuber Captain KRB does a VERY deep dive down a rabbit hole all about why toy laser gun sound effects have not changed in 40+ years. It's an incredibly nerdy, yet aesthetically pleasing nostalgia trip — not unlike our recently released 90s activity book Whatever!
Photographer Jens spent hundreds of hours across three years recording macro time lapse footage of 13 different fungi varieties growing in his basement (presumably intentionally and not because he is a slob). It's pretty cool!
OK! We'll be back here in your inbox on Friday — possibly with new art — more nonsense holidays to dissect, more notable birthdays (and maybe even some notable deathdays!) to celebrate, and more witty content in general. Until next time...

Peace, love, and chilaquiles,