September 16, 2020


Happy Wednesday! Also, happy Mexican Independence Day AND National Guacamole Day! Now THAT is a 1-2 punch I can get behind!

Today is also National School Backpack Awareness Day. Hooray, I guess? Seriously, who is this holiday even for? Jansport and Eastpak's marketing department, I suppose. Still, though — what exactly are we meant to be "aware" of here? When I think back to my school days — aka, Peak Backpack Awareness, Matt Edition — I was mostly aware that "these straps are cutting off circulation to my arms" and "I should really make better use of my locker, because this thing is heavy AF."

Moving along, I hope you're wearing your eating pants because we've got a lot of cake to get through!

First up, alles gute zum geburtstag to Karen Horney, born this day in 1885! Ms. Horney was a German-American psychoanalyst whose primary claim to fame was exposing the inherent male bias in the Freudian analysis of women. Which is admittedly awesome, but it also is kind of ridiculous that it took an advanced degree to legitimize her claims when anyone with a copy of Freud's Studies on Hysteria and a pulse could have come to the same conclusion. Classic patriarchy — never change! (Don't worry, I know you won't!)

Next, send a slice across the table to legendary jazz guitarist Charlie Lee Byrd, born this day in 1925! Mr. Byrd's classical finger-picked style was heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt, but Byrd's career is most associated with the Brazilian bossa nova style popularized in the 1950s and 1960s by João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Sticking with six-string slingers, happy birthday to Riley B. "B.B." King, also born this day in 1925! Besides his renown as a player, he was also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer, and is regarded as both one of the best blues guitarists of all-time and the most influential. Mr. King passed away in 2015 at the ripe old age of 89, and the thrill has been gone ever since. 

Today is also the birthday of actor Mickey Rourke, born this day in 1952! Besides his starring roles in such classics as DinerRumble FishAngel Heart, and Barfly, he's probably best known for becoming a sex symbol opposite Kim Basinger in the film 9 ½ Weeks and then promptly destroying his handsome face with a four-year detour as a professional boxer in the early 1990s before his career comeback in the 2000s with The Wrestler, Sin City, and Iron Man 2.

Finally, a very illusory piece of cake is in order for David Seth Kotkin, aka David Copperfield, born this day in 1956! Little Matt once witnessed Mr. Copperfield make a facsimile of the Statue of Liberty disappear live on stage at the Patriot Center in the mid-1980s, but his most impressive magic trick is that he still looks exactly the same now as he did then. Presto! 

OK, link time!

1. Cartoonist Mo Welch's Instagram is giving me life right now, and if you like Boredwalk, you'll probably like their work, too!

Skeptical? Here's a teaser quote from one of their recent posts: "Two-day-old spaghetti in bed at 3pm is the breakfast of champions." See? You'll love it!

2. Everything may be trash...but not these grapes!

Someone recently commented on one of our ads "are these supposed to be 2020-themed?" If there's one thing a seasoned Boredwalk fans knows, it's that everything was trash before Covid, and will continue to be trash forevermore. Thankfully, even trash pandas like this little masked marauder get a respite from the trash heap.

3. This Japanese artist is doing some next level work with a pretty unconventional canvas: freshly fallen leaves.

I'm always blown away by how certain artists can work so small...but then I'm also impressed with artists work in a really massive scale, too. I guess I'm saying I'm just impressed by artists in general.

4. Great memes reacting to NASA's announcement this week regarding the presence of alien life in the clouds of Venus.

2020 is still keeping it fresh in September! What will the rest of the year bring?

5. The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards finalists were just announced, and I can't wait to see who wins!

MY money's is on Christina Holfelder's Yakking Penguin, but we'll have to wait until the winner is announced on October 22nd, so stay tuned!