December 09, 2022

Finally, something sweet! 🥐


Look, it's cold, it's dark by 3pm every day, and you've endured countless iterations of 'Jingle Bell Rock' every time you left the house this week — you deserve a little treat, so thank goodness it's Pastry Day. It's a perfect excuse to soothe your winter blues with something carb-y and delicious.
I've recently discovered a new donut* shop near my house, so naturally I will be popping in to celebrate en route to the office this morning, under the auspices of supporting a local small business (but really just going to get a sugar fix).
* For a city as image-conscious as Los Angeles, we seem to have as many donut shops as we have green juice shops. Angelenos are obsessed with donuts. You cannot swing a stick here without hitting a donut place. Don't swing sticks, though — that's kinda dangerous, and you might inadvertently smash a donut you want to eat.
woman eating sweets saying this is my dinner gif
Me celebrating National Pastry Day 
GIF via Rosanna Pansino  
Alright, if you've been procrastinating on that holiday shopping, be sure to get on it. The Boredwalk elves need a few days to prepare orders for shipment and then the United States Postal Santas need time to deliver. Don't be that grinch in our inbox on 12/23 berating our customer service team because they can't teleport your order to you.
Finally, let's kick off the weekend with a few famous birthdays and historical facts about December 9th:
• Born on this day: singer Donny Osmond (1957), entrepreneur/Shark Tank'er Lori Greiner (1969), actress best known for her portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West Margaret Hamilton (1902), actor John Malkovich (1953), poet John Milton (1608), actor Kirk Douglas (1916), actor/comedian Redd Foxx (1922), actress Judi Dench (1934), and writer/cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant* (1933)
*I know you're probably like "who is that?!" but I know who he is because he successfully defended his unique epigrams from copyright infringers in court. Since I constantly deal with people ripping off my epigrams, I appreciate the case law he helped establish and wish all artists were as vigorously protective of their work.
 France passed a law separating church and state on this day in 1905
• On this day in 2017 Australia became the 26th country to legalize same-sex marriage
 Charlie Brown Christmas first aired on TV on this day in 1965
OK, that's it for this week! We'll be back here in your inbox on Monday with a fresh email and a fresh customer Q&A! If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming email reply to this and let us know!
Peace, love, and pastries,