October 25, 2021

😒 For the babe with the glower...


Happy Sourest Day! In a society where good vibes and positivity are prized, it's not often that those of us with a less than sunny disposition get a day to revel, so sport your scowl with pride today.

As a naturally born glower child, I've spent most of my life trying to suppress my pout to fit in, but the world truly has room for all types — even gloomy gals like me (and maybe you, too).

I never really felt like I could let my frown flag fly until we created Boredwalk, but as we've grown this company we've met so many lovable fellow sourpusses and delighted in every minute of connecting with like-minded folks. Having a community that knows the world isn't all roses and rainbows has warmed my little black heart almost as much as our soft cozy hoodies!

Oh, look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick.

Me starting my day.


Alright, birthday time! Let's slice today's cake in honor of:

• Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and theatre designer Pablo Ruiz Picasso, born today in 1881! Picasso is regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, he is known for co-founding the Cubist movement, the invention of constructed sculpture, the co-invention of collage, and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and explore. You've probably seen his works in art museums or your college dorm's walls, posted by a schoolmate trying to cultivate an air of sophistication to impress strangers.

• Canadian-American comedienne, writer, producer, political commentator, actress, and television host Samantha Anne Bee, born today in 1969! Bee rose to fame as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where she became the longest-serving regular correspondent. In 2015, she departed the show after 12 years to start her own show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Also celebrating birthdays today: actor, comedian, musician, and singer Craig Robinson (1971), political consultant/commentator and author James Carville (1944), singer, songwriter, and TV personality Katy Perry (1984).

It was also on this day in 1978 that Halloween, directed by John Carpenter, starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut, was released.


OK! Scroll on down to learn a bit about fellow Boredwalk fan Ericka B.! If YOU'D like to be featured in this space next Monday, reply to this and let us know! We'll send you some questions and my eternal gratitude!

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Peace, love, and celebrating the sour,


Ericka looking thirsty in her Everything Is Terrible tee after a long day in the trenches of existence!

1. What's your actual day job and what's your dream day job?

​I work at Planned Parenthood! I'm part of a team that sends people their birth control through the mail. It's a pretty great job. My dream job would be an art director for movies and television. I was an art history major and I love to geek out to all the cool art direction out there (the series Fargo has some amazing sets!)

2. What's your biggest pet peeve?

​Waiting on hold for 20 minutes or more to do anything: make an appointment, report a problem with a credit card, just to talk to a human at a health insurance company.

3. What's a book you think the Boredwalk community should read?

​American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It's a little spooky. There's a scene in the book at The House on the Rock, an attraction in Wisconsin (my home state). The attraction defies description — google it! 

(Editor's note: I just did, and it's fascinating! Apparently the creator, Alex Jordan, Sr., built the House on the Rock complex out of spite toward his hero, legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who scoffed at the aspiring youngster's plans when Jordan showed them to Wright. Based on the timeline along which these interactions supposedly occurred it sounds apocryphal at best, but any creative endeavor done out of spite to prove naysayers wrong is very on-brand for Boredwalk! I like to imagine that were he alive and building weird structures today, Mr. Jordan would be doing so rocking a Boredwalk tee or hoodie.)

4. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

​Teleportation would be the best! Eliminating the most frustrating and tiring part of travel would be sublime. 

5. You can curse your nemesis with a minor annoyance for eternity; what do you choose?

​At any bar they go to, their favorite beer is never available.

(Oof, brutal! Even worse: they only have their LEAST favorite beer in stock!)

6. What experience do you most want to cross off your bucket list?

​Visiting Australia and attending the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne. The Open is in January, so it is always hot there while bitterly cold in Wisconsin.

7. Where can the rest of the Boredwalk community find you?

​Riding my tandem bike with my spouse on one of the many beautiful bike trails around Milwaukee, WI.