November 07, 2019

Get your tickets to the glum show.

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I'll be honest, folks: I'm running on fumes as I'm typing this. It's been an exceptionally trying week here at Boredwalk HQ, so you'll have to excuse me for not being my normal..."palatably sardonic"...self.

What's fueling our melancholy this week?

Well, the crazed landlord at the office trying to block access to our office on the busiest weekend of the year isn't helping. Neither is the arrival of our seasonal depression and the departure of daylight saving time.

On top of that there are our beloved — but nonetheless surly and snot-projecting — feline housemates racking up vet bills, and other designers' thinly-veiled (and utterly inferior) attempts to knock off our design work. In and of itself another "designer" biting our concepts is far from something new, but the fact that the designer in question is based just 90 minutes away from us and is someone we actually have helped out in the past is particularly galling. Oh, well. Maybe this creativity-challenged gutter muppet will get what's coming to them...but probably not.

As dour as the above description is, this week's podcast episode is still pretty humorous and entertaining! Don't believe me? Listen to it and judge for yourself!

With any luck we'll be back with new designs next week. The good news is that not a single person has ever successfully completed their collection of Boredwalk merchandise, so even if we're still spinning our wheels in the mud you have all these delightful wares to choose from! Until next time...

Peace, love, and tacos,


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