June 18, 2021

We're bringing hexy back 🧹



It's not every day that I get a chance to draw gleeful witchy nymphs cavorting around a cauldron, so I'm pretty excited about how this new design came out; I hope you appreciate it, too!

Boredwalk HQ is closed today in observance of Juneteenth (which is tomorrow), but there are some other holidays happening today that we would be remiss in not mentioning.

First up, happy National Cherry Tart Day! I don't really have any fun facts about cherry tarts to share (other than that they are delicious). If you have the means, I suggest you bake one up this weekend for the fam to enjoy — or say that it's for the family, but then just house it on your lonesome when no one else is around.



Just two, Agent Cooper?


Next up, Happy National Splurge Day! If you're in a financially solvent place right now, treat yourself (possibly to a new shirt or three *hint hint*)!


Moving along, we have a wonderful new podcast episode to delight your earballs with!

Before we get to that, though, let's celebrate some birthdays! Today we're consuming birthday cherry tart in honor of:

  • Paul "The Cute One" McCartney, born this day in 1942! Sir Paul was a founding member of The Beatles, and his songwriting partnership with John Lennon remains the most successful in history. 
  • Actress Isabella Rossellini, born this day in 1952! Ms. Rossellini has enjoyed a varied and successful career as both a model and actress, but her best role in MY humble opinion was as Bianca Donaghy on 30 Rock. She loves her Big Beef n' Cheddar!


Alright! Podcast time! This week we: 

  • Tease a new design (the new one you see right up there at the top!)
  • Give shoutouts to various members of Matt's family
  • Read all about weird Google searches and recent news headlines that made Boredwalk fans say "WTF?!"
  • Wonder what exactly Batman brings to his relationship with Catwoman
  • Discuss some of our personal & professional plans for the summer
  • Celebrate Juneteenth!

 Click to find out all about squirrel stabbing! 


Looking to save this weekend? Take 10% off orders of $75 or more when you use the code SUMMER10 at checkout. Yay!

Alright! I'll be back here in your inbox next week with (hopefully) a fresh Boredwalk Community Q&A! We'll also have another new podcast episode to share, and maybe another new design! Until then...


Peace, love, and cherry tarts,