March 17, 2023

Green with envy 🍀


Today might be St. Patrick's Day, but the staff here at Boredwalk HQ have been green with envy over the advance copies of our brand new Delve Decks! 
Thankfully the wait is over and there are decks for everyone! Snap yours up today, and if you decide to pair it with our Good Company Guest Book you can save 10%! These are the ultimate bonding IRL* products. 
*That's in-real-life, as in not on your phone!
You may recognize some questions from our popular Question of the Day posts on Facebook and Instagram. Having posted these questions over the years we've really enjoyed watching Boredwalk fans get to know each other and bond over shared interests and life experiences. Some of them have even taken things offline and become IRL besties!
I've been trying to cut back on screen time in my own life and spend more time connecting with the living breathing humans I care about, which is why I've made it my goal to design more products in 2023 to help you do the same.
Whether it's an activity book that helps you relax and put that phone away, or this new card deck that helps spark great conversations with loved ones, many of our 2023 product releases are all about disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with loved ones and yourself.
Heck, even our tees, tanks, and hoodies — you know, the things that in all likelihood got you interested in Boredwalk in the first place — have a reputation for sparking convos and acting as a "secret handshake" of sorts between like-minded people!
Questions you may or may not have:
• But aren't you kind of a misanthrope?
Yes, but even most misanthropes have people in their lives they love and enjoy spending time with and connecting with. I actually think that finding people to be kind of a nightmare in general means the people you do like end up being even more important to you.
• Can't I just read these questions on Instagram?
Sure, or you could make up your own; do you. I will say that getting away from your screen and passing a box of conversation cards around with real humans is a much better experience. You won't be sucked in by notifications, and you won't get lost in a doom scroll. You'll feel more connected to your loved ones and less distracted by the attention-vampire in your pocket.
The other feature that makes this deck so great is that the questions included are curated based on how much conversation they garnered online, so you aren't likely to have to sift through content that may have been a dud to find a good conversation prompt.
The other cool thing about this deck is that it's organized to help you modulate the level of intensity you want to bring to a conversation. We arranged our cards into 4 color-coded sets, from light to dark, so you can choose whether you want to stick to lighter chit-chat or delve into more intimate territory. Plus, it's just really beautifully designed and looks great on a shelf. A literal conversation piece that does double duty as home decor? Yes, please!
• Does this game have rules?
Actually, no. Simply bring the box out next time you're with friends, a partner, your family, etc., and pass the box around. Boredwalk co-founder Matt and I have a no-phone-Friday rule in our house and we spent a recent Friday night passing an advanced copy of the Delve Deck back and forth and had hours of fun learning new things about each other and how we think about things and view the world, even though we've known each other for almost 20 years!
I want this gif
don't blame you! Go place your order!
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Want a few notable March 17th birthdays and historical facts to kick off the weekend? Here are a few...
• Born on this day: actor Kurt Russell (1951), singer Nat King Cole (1919), actor Rob Lowe (1964), cyberpunk pioneer/author William Gibson (1948), and actor Gary Sinise (1955)
• Stephen Perry of London patented the rubber band on this day in 1845
 The National Gallery of Art opened in Washington. D.C. on this day in 1941
• Golda Meir became Israel's first female Prime Minister on this day in 1969 
• New York City held its first St. Patrick's Day parade on this day in 1762
• Finally, on this day in 1992, 68.7% of white South Africans voted to abolish racial segregation in the country, putting an end to apartheid
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