⚾ Guess what's about to be gone in a flash? ⚡
August 06, 2021

⚾ Guess what's about to be gone in a flash? ⚡


Look, I know that today is International Beer Day and it's all very exciting. The planet is becoming incrementally hotter and hotter and we'd all like to cool down with a cold one — even our sober friends are covered with the likes of O'Douls and Kaliber. Beer is inclusive AF!

But we have bigger fish to humanely catch & release, and things don't get much bigger than a 25% off flash sale of these sweet, stylish ¾ sleeve baseball raglans!  

That's right, I said TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF! Real talk: Boredwalk hasn't offered a discount that deep in YEARS — not even on Black Friday/Cyber Monday/[INSERT OTHER ARBITRARY SALES DAY HERE].

This sale is only running through 11:59PM Sunday night, so don't dilly-dally! Marlene, Samantha, and David on the customer service team are under strict instructions not to make any exceptions for Johnny-come-lately's that try to slide into the inbox after this sale turns into a pumpkin.

Keep back-sassing, Cinderelly, see what happens!

A few key answers to raglan-y questions:

Q: Is it 25% off EVERYTHING on the Boredwalk website?

A: Nope, just the raglans — though you can take 10% off non-raglan items when you spend $75 or more and use the code SUMMER10 at checkout.

Q: This is a new shirt style and I'm not sure how it will fit. What if it doesn't?

A: Due to the limited nature of the sale (as well as that sweet 25% discount), all raglan sales are final, meaning no returns or exchanges. The good news is that they have a unisex cut that is pretty true-to-size (whatever that even means in 2021), and our models Jo, Rich, and Jordan have all LOVED the fit and feel of these hot little numbers, and the product pages feature detailed sizing charts with measurements and everything.

Q: Why not just make these a regular style offering? Why be all flash sale-y with it?

A: Specialty blanks like these are a PITA to source! Most distributor warehouses don't stock many of them, and since we print our shirts to order, this can create a lot of unplanned inventory shortage issues. (Yes, even more than what we've been dealing with in the Age of Covid.)

Q: Why are you only offering six designs on these? I was really hoping to get the _______ design on these.

A: Again, inventory issues. Since these are tougher to get ahold of, we'll need a few more days than usual to get them and print on them, and we wanted to test the waters with popular designs on color ways that were more readily available. 

If you REALLY want to get one of our other designs on a raglan, you totally can, but it will have to be a regular-priced custom order request.

Q: I hate raglans! When will you make something *I* want?

A: We are going to be doing other flash sales of this nature in the near future, each featuring different shirt style/design combos! Just be patient with us; we're a small company full of sensitive people with limited bandwidth.


No NEW art this week, but that's because this raglan sale has sucked all the oxygen out of the room. I just finished a pretty rad re-design of an older concept that Meredith and I felt could be improved upon, and will be spending most of the day today and Monday working on another brand new one, so stay tuned for new art next week! We DO have a fresh podcast episode, though — and with a very cool guest, to boot!


Before we get to that, though, let's raise a beer to these birthday persons! 

• Actress and comedian Lucille Ball, born this day in 1911! In addition to be the star or co-star of several hit comedy shows, Ms Ball was also a producer and the first female head of a Hollywood studio, Desilu Productions, which she also owned. Baller!

• Artist and general multi-hyphenate Andrew "Andy Warhol" Warhola, born this day in 1928! Mr. Warhol's work crossed many mediums and production methods, but largely focused on the intersection of commercialism, advertising, and celebrity culture. Between his patronage (and production and cover design) of the first Velvet Underground album, David Bowie's homage 'Andy Warhol' from Hunky Dory, and his design of The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album cover, Andy is associated with some of the most seminal works of the classic rock era. 

• Jamaican independence, achieved this day in 1962! After 300 years of British colonial rule (which itself was preceded by roughly 200 years of Spanish rule), it's pretty amazing that the Jamaican population only needed a few years of independence to become a global cultural force courtesy of ska, reggae, and amazing cuisine. 

• The signing and enactment of the Voting Rights Act on this day in 1965! The VRA — signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson — was a key achievement of the Civil Rights Movement by outlawing outrageous things like literacy tests and other impediments to minority groups being able to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Sadly, the VRA has been stripped of many key components over the last seven years.  


Alright! Podcast time! This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Amanda Goetz, founder and CEO of House of Wise, a company that makes CBD products to help women take control of their health, wealth, stress, and sexuality! In it, we discuss:

• House of Wise's origins at the start of the pandemic

• The challenges of marketing cannabis products when advertising platforms haven't quite caught up to the culture (or the law) when it comes to their policies

• The story behind House of Wise's name — it's pretty cool!

• How House of Wise is helping families impacted by cannabis convictions

• The dumbest argument Amanda ever had

Sound fun? It should, because it was! Click here to listen!


Alright! We'll be back here in your inbox next week with a fresh Boredwalk Community Q&A with a fan just like you! We'll also have another new podcast episode to share, and the aforementioned new design! Until then...

Peace, love, and cold ones,