March 24, 2021


Happy National Cheesesteak Day! After the day I had yesterday, a hot & melty plant-based cheesesteak would sure hit the spot today. My favorite form of this sandwich, the Filly Cheese Phake, hails from Liquid Earth in Baltimore, Maryland. Reply to this and tell me about your favorite cheesesteak experience!

We would be remiss in celebrating cheesesteaks if we didn't also celebrate National Ag(riculture) Day, which recognizes the contributions of agriculture to our plates and even our wardrobes (thanks, Big Cotton!)

Today is also National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. Do with this information what you will. I, for one, will pretend it — and raisins in general — do not exist.


So many famous birthday boys/girls/persons today! They are as follows:

Escapists: Harry Houdini (1874).

Activists: Dorothy Height (1912).

Actors: Steve McQueen (1930), Jim Parsons (1973), and Alyson Hannigan (1974).

Bakers: Mary Berry of Great British Bakeoff fame (1935).

OK,'ve waited long enough. It's link time!

1. The perfect response from those of us who prefer non-human children.

Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esq. really makes that ukulele wail...almost as much as my neighbors' kids.

2. A puppy playing with a butterfly? SOLD!

I mean, that pretty much says it all. Whenever I see scenarios like this I always come away from the video thinking "now THAT guy has it all figured out." And by "that guy" I mean this tiny dog. Or the butterfly. They're both way smarter than I am.

3. 25 inventions that you may not have known were created (or dramatically improved upon) by women.

Please also file this link under "People Who Are Way Smarter Than Matt".

4. Comics full of puns and a slight dash of cringe.

Pro tip: instant ramen is not an acceptable movie theater snack.

5. Wait — Legos, ASMR, stop-motion animation, and baking all rolled into one mesmerizing video?

YouTuber tomosteen is onto some next-level sh!t here. Oh, well. At least you have something fun to watch while you nosh on that cheesesteak!