January 10, 2019

Here for a good time, not a long time.

Boredwalk Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time Shirt

Happy January 11th! If you're reading this and happen to be Mary J. Blige, happy birthday! We hope that it's a drama-free* day filled with cake and vocal gymnastics.

*I really hope you 90s R&B kids got a lame chuckle out of that. I did.

If you're not having a drama-free day...maybe you're "celebrating" the January 11th, 1693 eruption of Mt. Etna that killed 60,000 Sicilians. You know what they say: leave the volcanic ashes; take the cannoli. (Nobody says that.)

But enough about January 11th! Do you know what happened on January 9th?

We do! This week's guest on The Boredwalk Podcast was sworn in as the first openly LGBTQ member of Nebraska's state legislature!

This week we chat with Nebraska state senator Megan Hunt about her recent election, her goals for representing the fine people of Nebraska's 8th district during her term, how to get things done in a polarized political climate, her transition from activist to politician, balancing her new duties as an elected official with her day job(s) as a small business owner and single mom, and her tips for running for public office in your neck of the woods! Plus we got to learn all about Nebraska's unique legislative process. Sweet!

To learn more about Megan's businesses, check out Majorette, a flash sale site dedicated to modern women's fashion. Everything is sized up to 3XL and priced at $50 or less. She's also the owner of Hello Holiday, an online boutique with a feminist/activist mission!

As you probably noticed above, Matt finally got back to work this week and designed some new stuff! Our new Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time shirt was actually inspired by a conversation we had at our staff holiday party a couple weeks ago when our production supervisor mentioned the above quote in passing. Thanks, Sarah!

We'll be back next week with more new designs. Until then, 

Peace, love, and tacos,