December 27, 2018

Holiday Recap, New Designs, and New Podcast Episode!

Boredwalk Science Is Magic That Works Kurt Vonnegut Quote Shirt
Well, here it is — the end of 2018. We made it, guys! Another circuit around that flaming sphere of death, trudging inexorably closer to our inevitable demise as our flesh prisons slowly decay. Isn't it magical?! We certainly think so.

In all seriousness, we do hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season. It can be tough to remain optimistic when it's cold outside and the warmest thing about most family gatherings is whatever you've got hidden in your flask.

It's especially difficult when you're confronted daily with the reality that little kids are dying in ICE custody away from their parents and that the leathery, persimmon-colored sub-creature responsible for it is turning a visit to the troops overseas into a weird, gross, fascistic campaign event...but you know. America first.🙄

If you or a family member are a "non-essential" government employee who's been affected by the shutdown, please know that you are 100% essential in our book. Feel free to contact your congressional representative and ask them to support Bill Foster's new legislation to retroactively pay those affected and put an end to congressional perks during federal shutdowns. Seems reasonable to us, but what do we know? We just design & print t-shirts an' stuff.

OK, time to dismount this soapbox. *Leaps, sticks the landing, wins the gold*

Matt's taking a luxury week and hasn't completed a single new design in almost seven days. He'll be back at it this weekend and next week, provided he can stop being softer than a heap of mashed potatoes for a minute. (Mmmm...delicious!)

In the meantime, take 27 minutes and listen to him and Meredith banter about their holiday weekend, share some boring (but useful!) tips for car-shopping, contemplate the idea of a wolf car, give a birthday shoutout to Matt's twin brothers, give a non-birthday shoutout to customer Allison G., and hint at future podcast guests. Listen below!

We'll be back next week with more new designs, some new products, and a fresh podcast ep! And if you're digging (or not digging!) the podcast, please let us know! Shoot us an email, leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, etc. We'll read them on the pod and make you famous! Until then...

Peace, love, and tacos,