November 19, 2021

🤯 Hurry! Our BIGGEST sale of 2021 ends in 72(ish) hours!


I hope this email finds you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Why? Because you're going to need ALL your energy and wits about you while you try to figure out exactly which Boredwalk items you'll add to your shopping cart before our BIGGEST sale of 2021 ends at 11:59PM Sunday night!

I know this is normally the part of the email when I'd wish you a Happy National Camp Day, but I've been told by smarter businesspeople than myself that burying the lede in the email announcing your biggest sale of the year is...inadvisable. 

Sorry, friend. One of these days I'll be free of the shackles of capitalism...but not today! Oh, before I forget: Happy National Camp Day:

Campy camping? Sign me up!

Camp(ing) doesn't get much more meta than this.

Alright — savings time! Now through Sunday, save:

• 10% ON ALL ORDERS with code 


• 15% ON ORDERS of $100+ with code 


• 20% ON ORDERS of $175+ with code 




Again, these codes expire at 11:59PM on Sunday night, so don't dawdle! I went to the trouble of including a countdown timer and everything!

Yes, we will have other discounts in play for actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday next week, but they aren't going to be NEARLY as discount-y as the three up above. So if you miss out this weekend it won't be your last chance to save on Boredwalk gear in 2021, but the savings won't be as robust. And we want you to have robust savings!

Which makes this as good a time as any to break the bad news: Boredwalk's prices are going to be going up in the new year. We've held them down for as long as we can, but between rising labor, shipping, and material costs we do need to increase them after the holidays.

Plus I have this old AF 18 year old cat racking up INSANE vet bills in exchange for me selfishly attempting to prolong his existence. Spend recklessly* this weekend — kitty needs a new pair of kidneys!

*Please do not spend recklessly. Pay your rent/mortgage. Feed your dependents. But if you DO have anything left in the tank after that...please consider buying some Boredwalk merch to help keep this cat in good health. HE won't appreciate it...but I will!

Of course if you'd rather NOT take advantage of (one more time) OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR, we do have something a bit more economical for you to enjoy this weekend — a 100% free and entirely new episode of The Boredwalk Podcast!

Listen to Boredwalk co-founder Meredith and me explain:

• Why it's been four weeks since we last released an episode

• Who all these new faces around Boredwalk HQ are

• Why we have had it up to here with the overuse of the word "trauma" in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic

• Who on Twitter is getting our goat this week

• What we have in store for Boredwalk in 2022



Alright, that's it — I'm done. Go save some money!

Yours in savings,