July 20, 2022

🥠 I don't need a cookie to tell me...


Happy Fortune Cookie Day! Although they are commonly associated with Chinese takeout, the folded cookie originated in Japan. While they are a source of mild amusement, I've never taken much stock in predictions that come from cookies. Besides, I have my own psychic powers that are perfectly reliable. While I can't predict specifics, I can confidently assume things will continue to be terrible.
As we mentioned in recent emails, we got behind processing orders, but are now just about caught up. Phew! Now I can focus on other terrible things, like the gazillion people stealing our art who are sending us threatening emails and making false claims about their rights to use our art.*
*Here's yet another great system we have for protecting creative work. Despite having registered copyrights on all of our work, anyone can claim it's theirs and if we want to argue the point we have to sue them. Totally cost effective and practical. So our choices are have the expense of suing or the expense of losing a zillion dollars in sales to counterfeits of our products. The person can even be outside the US so even if we go to the expense of suing them, we have no actual way to collect on a judgment since they are immune to US law. Fun!
sad woman gif
Me contemplating my "fortune."
Alright, let's acknowledge a few notable birthdays and historical events from July 20ths of the past before we get to those sweet links!
Famous July 20th birthdays: actress Sandra Oh, actress Natalie Wood, actress Judy Greer, and biologist Gregor Mendel (founder of the modern science of genetics)

• It was on this day in 1969 that Apollo 11 landed on the Moon.

• On this day in 1921 Congresswoman Alice Mary Robertson became the first woman to preside over the floor of US House of Representatives.

Alright, you've waited long enough — on to the links!

1. Baby ducks taking a bath

These little cuties certainly seem to be having a better time than I am.

2. Edible architecture

This oddly soothing video depicts the contruction of a mini house entirely from vegetables.

3. These maps are the worst!

This Instagram account depicts bizarre maps featuring facts and jokes.

4. Movie titles in the movies

This supercut of movie clips features characters saying the name of the movie in the movie. How meta!

5. When people say "we're all in this together"...

The Boredwalk content team shares what "solidarity" feels like. Be sure to follow us on Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube and let us know which videos you like!

OK! We'll be back here in your inbox on Friday with more nonsense holidays to dissect, more notable birthdays to celebrate, and more witty content in general. Don't miss it! Until next time...

Peace, love, and misfortune,