January 26, 2022

📝 If your schedule isn't booked for the day...


Happy Library Shelfie Day! Today's random observance invites you to snap pics of your books and share 'em online. I like this occasion for a couple of reasons:

1. Showing off a book collection is much lower pressure than a human selfie. No bad hair day or monster zit is gonna get in the way of this mission. Plus, a book collection reveals so much more about a person anyway. If you're steeped in Kurt Vonnegut, let's talk. James Joyce enthusiast? Keep it moving. I like my narratives coherent and under 700 pages, James.

2. It's an excuse to re-organize your book collection — so not only a fun trip down literary memory lane, but also a perfect procrastination ploy.

Taking all the books gif

What I really mean when I say I'm popping into the bookstore or library for "just one thing."

Before we move on to the amusing links, let's celebrate a few January 26th birthdays!

Actor, director, race car driver and entrepreneur Paul Leonard Newman, born on this day in 1925! Attended Yale, won an Emmy and several Golden Globes, starred opposite Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and ultimately sold us all salad dressing. You might say Mr. Newman was a pretty accomplished dude.

Comedian, actress, writer and producer Ellen Lee DeGeneres, born on this day in 1958. She's been hosting her syndicated talk show for nearly two decades. She has also authored four books and hosted the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, and the Primetime Emmys.

Musician and songwriter Edward Lodewijk "Eddie" Van Halen, born on this day in 1955! He was the main songwriter and guitarist of the rock band Van Halen and is regarded as one of the all-time greatest guitar players in rock history. When it comes to two-handed tapping in guitar solos...everybody wants some.

Now on to some amusing links!

1. Have words, will play

If you're a pun enthusiast you'll enjoy this little humor video from Real Big Boys.

2. Move over, Waldo!

There's a cat hidden in every photo posted by the Twitter account There Is No Cat In This Image, but in true cat form, they're hiding among their surroundings. If you enjoy puzzles and sneaky cats, check it out!

3. Who needs UFC when there's internet comments?

Comedian Alingon Mitra describes getting sucked into an online argument you're not even a part of. Haven't we all been there? Just me? Okay then.

4. Fun with Fennecs

This Twitter account posts a fennec fox every hour, an adorable and welcome timeline break from all the bickering and doom scrolling.

5. Comedian Shannon Fiedler invites us along on the road to resolution failure

If you'd didn't keep up with new year resolutions you're not alone, but at least this video can help you laugh at your failure. There's always next year! Time is a meaningless human construct anyway; you can restart whenever you like, or just resign yourself to your terrible habits. I mean, they're probably not going anywhere.

OK! Hopefully these little diversions helped to brighten your day! We'll be back here in your inbox on Friday with more entertainment and Boredwalk news! Until then...

Peace, love, and library sheflies,